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Long river system will be implemented in the country, the Zhejiang pilot well – Zhejiang Channel – people.com.cn original title: five long river system, rule out the bank Lushui October 11th, central deep restructuring passed "on the full implementation of long river system.". The full implementation of long river system, the purpose is to build a clear responsibility, orderly coordination, strict supervision, protection management protection mechanism effectively in the national scope, in order to maintain a healthy life of rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes to achieve sustainable use of function, provides the system safeguard. Ministry of water resources data show that, at present, a total of 8 provinces and cities throughout the implementation of the river system, the implementation of the river system in some provinces and regions of the 16 provinces. As the "five water co governance" system innovation and the key move, the river system in Zhejiang earlier opened, and now has gone through the spring and autumn of the 3. The reporter learned from the provincial Environmental Protection Office, this year 1 to September, the province’s overall surface water quality is good, Qiantang River overall quality; 221 provinces controlled sections, I to III grade accounted for 77.4%, an increase of 7.3%; compared with the previous year, the province’s five class section number 8. The river long river, responsible in the end "governor mayor, is a long river." The people of Zhejiang word of mouth the words, not empty words. In Zhejiang, the river is now the team has 6 provincial river length, municipal river length of 199, the county level river length of 2688, the township level river length of 16417, the village level river length of 42120, the river has long been the prototype of the linkage of the. The development of any new things can not be accomplished overnight. 3 years, the implementation of the river system is not smooth sailing. The door of the river for many years has been dark and smelly, not a long river can solve the problem of the." Most of the long river is not the major, people will inevitably on the "left" river long long river system will be half believe and half doubt, if reduced to "long river show". There is no right to blame, work with a passion." There are long river flood their self, bare-handed, neither "soldier" nor "gun", is a guanggansiling, encountered problems easily overwhelmed. "Time, space, lack of personnel, capital investment is also larger." Government in the implementation of the river length system, also encountered many problems, long-term mechanism to improve the face of no small pressure. However, the approach is more difficult than. Nearly twenty thousand provinces, city, county and Township Long River, with 3 years of time, written a modern version of the song: the total elimination of King Yu combating the flood "6500 kilometers garbage River remediation black odor river more than 5100 kilometers, the urban water environment improved significantly. Class I to III section ratio Qiantang River, Qujiang, Feiyun River Tiaoxi, Caoejiang River and other key reached 100%. With a clean gradually back, skepticism is to point like sound. According to statistics, the province’s public support for the flood control of two consecutive years of more than 96%. This is the Zhejiang five water treatment work carried out for third years, but also to achieve the "357" flood control work schedule in three years to resolve outstanding issues, effective "target year. The flood started by rivers, advancing to the water "capillary". Zhejiang river people, also opened a new journey. Water on the shore, a catch in the end of the river rule相关的主题文章: