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Build-Muscle I eventually decided to lose fat gain muscle after feeling humiliated due to extra weight and improper body shape. For this purpose I joined a gym, the gym instructor guided me well and told me to do vigorous training on daily basis if I wanted good results. My body training routine was very heavy for me and after training I used to go straight to bed and sleep for hours. My entire body used to ached due to my training routine, later I came across myths of lose fat gain muscle and I realized that I was not doing things the way they should be done. Following are the myths I came across: 1.People told me that as soon as I will leave body training, I will once again start gaining body fat. Due to this I planned to go to gym on daily basis and decided not leave gym but eventually a period came when I had to stop working out. The truth is that people gain weight because they consume excessive calories. People, link me who once used to go to a gym and had a well tuned body started gaining body fat as they left working out. This is because they decreased exercise and started consuming more calories than they were burning. 2.People used to say that if I have to remain fit and keep my body in shape, I have to consume food consisting of low calories throughout my entire life. This is a myth, the truth is that you eat all you want and still keep your body well tuned if you burn more calories than you are consuming. 3.People believe that my using drugs, everybody can have a body like a pro body builder. If this was the case then all those who are consuming drugs on daily basis must be having a body like pro body builders. Drugs are a part of body building and this cannot be denied but drugs only work on those who have the right genes. You can lose fat gain muscle by consuming drugs along with proper exercise. 4.People say that you look over sized by building body, at first I even ignored working out due to this reason. The truth is that there are different exercises, if you want to look as huge as hulk, you can do so by following the correct routine and if you want t look slim and smart, you can do so by following the routine made for looking slim and smart. The main reason for body building is that everyone wants to lose fat gain muscle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: