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Girls love disease Zhou Peng still did not forget to return the team championship again Zhou Peng FireWire return to help the Guangdong team scored the first win of sina sports news Beijing on November 4th news, 16-17 CBA of the third season in full swing, the last round of the storm affected by shoes suffered two defeats the Guangdong team home court against the menacing Jilin men’s basketball team. With the double foreign aid Sloan, Boozer’s excellent play and local players awesome performance, Guangdong team final 99-77 victory over Jilin, ended their two game losing streak, get first win of the season. Captain Zhou Peng is in the family by the situation, rushed back and scored 14 points, to ensure the victory. In fact, it is very difficult for me, these two or three days have not practiced, physical consumption is also great." After the game Zhou Peng some tired, pale face, come back to play but no way, the team should do their own difficulties." As captain, Zhou Peng’s performance tonight is enough to prove that he is carrying the team on his shoulders. Before the two game losing streak, Yi Jianlian suffered his first occupation career ban shoes door continuous fermentation, outside factors have been interfering with the team, if lost what will happen, who do not know. Fortunately, the arrival of a victory, so that the hearts of everyone hanging down a little. Zhou Peng said, "victory is always good, can bring confidence." But he also raised the question of the team, but the team is still not enough with the overall understanding of the chaos. Everybody’s not playing very well." In the fourth quarter, Du Feng used a whole class lineup, Zhou Peng explained, "this may be an adjustment coach, we may also be several people played along." In fact, Zhu Fangyu said this morning that when he spoke about Zhou Peng, he could not play. But a few hours before the start of the game, the Guangdong team’s media group in the news – Zhou Peng has been back! This scene, too much like the Changsha Asian games. For the team, for the team’s victory, Captain Zhou Peng once again return. Zhou Peng explained, "I didn’t get back to the team until noon. It’s hard and difficult to have (come back). Because after all the things done, also have psychological struggle." Although Zhou Peng did not say much, but from his tired eyes, also can feel that he experienced hard, but in front of the two game losing streak, he could not adjust their mood, the first time back to the team, "said the team is behind the difficulties (some) to come back to play this game." Neither Du Feng nor coach Zhu Fangyu, who did not mention what is the matter of the family in the end of the matter, and also in the face of this problem, the language of the with a long time ago in the face of the problem, the problem is not a problem. But at a news conference after the match, Jilin coach he first said, "this game there are some basketball outside things, such as my brother Zhou Peng, his child is sick." On the basketball court, I hope Zhou Peng can get through this difficult time. (Chen Xi)相关的主题文章: