Love to play a little temper constellation female (Figure) queer as folk

Love to play a little temper constellation female (Figure) text twelve star God Blog[blog] love to play the little temper of the constellation female students are more like to play small temper, so the most love to play small temper constellation girls have you? Love Shuaxiao temper is not wrong Oh this looks more lovely, more is a spoiled Oh, some boys is also love such naughty little girl! Everyone will have a small temper, but often make small contradictions hair a little temper but little people unable to resist sustain the blows. A lovely girl hair a little temper called simple; a mature point of a girl called a small temper temper. Love is not a bad temper, in fact, as long as the right person in the right time to lose his temper, perhaps also can enhance the relationship between the two sides. Now let’s get to know some of the twelve stars in the constellation of the small temperament of the girls! First: Aries Aries girl has a habit of others can not imitate, their little temper in the absence of signs of sudden arrival, so you can not afford to guard against. This small temper mostly from Aries girl the obsessive hobby, clearly just talk to others, saying they hurt a nervous heart, Aries girl suddenly with which you have never seen the appearance and mood to deal with you, sometimes cold, sometimes even give this Gary are you the same treatment. However, Aries girl brush small temper very quickly, also forget faster, while others are often also the brood on they returned to what did not happen state. Second: cancer cancer girls have a kind of slow thinking of the suspect, they always have no idea of their own emotional expression fast. My heart often focus but because consistent from beginning to end, a bit of frustration or a word can make if they face frost, but once it happened so happy and happy and will be immediately written in his face. This is what they do not hide the axillary girl, so what the wronged will be the first time in his demeanor Oh, in fact, oh my heart and not what harm, even temper the move to think, just to make their automatic reaction mood a bit strange. Third: intersection do girls play small temper Capricorn Capricorn frequency is high and their advantages and disadvantages. They love themselves divided into two sides, a side show common was a bit suspicious, these combined with their stubborn form, small temper will become as it should be. They don’t care about when she’s an outsider’s view, once the blood is want to do something big trend, but we tend to be the fool in the past, usually only on the performance of the Capricorn girls are big temper and heart still very guilty. Capricorn girls just not good at speak out your own ideas, so it is difficult to open their mind. Fourth: Scorpio Scorpio girl temperament is very difficult to unify the general, because they sometimes have to say hello to you, but sometimes it is nothing to discuss the temper. This kind of good and bad extreme makes people who don’t know them misunderstand her.相关的主题文章: