Low ability students most easily cheat 5 types of financial fraud-isobuster

Low ability students most easily cheat 5 types of financial fraud yesterday, Chengdu daily from the ant gold suit was informed that a study by more than 3 thousand universities 300 thousand students participated in the survey, with "campus network fraud prevention campaign" as the theme, the nearly 100 thousand college students in the sample analysis, the overall level of college students Chinese the anti fraud ability is not high, the average score of only 69 points, among them, 48% of the respondents in the campus can not see through loan scam coat. In the anti fraud ability test, from freshman year of admission, the lowest score, the most easily deceived. In addition, the average score of science and technology schools is generally higher than other institutions. Survey shows that the top 10 schools, there are 7 colleges and universities of science and engineering. Survey of college students most likely to 5 kinds of scams, including: Trojan link, when the refund telephone, grants or scholarships, financial knowledge, high paying job. In the security link and Trojan link identification test, 63% college students can not identify the link Trojan site. It is understood that the majority of the Trojan link will be disguised as a regular web site (such as bank websites, business website, etc.) sent by the pseudo base SMS to mobile phone users, and to lure the nature of the text, to induce users to click on the. Once clicked, it is possible to download the Trojan automatically in the background, resulting in security risks. In the network test, 85% of college students said there was a risk of receiving a train ticket refund, flight cancellations, such as telephone, of which 5% are vulnerable. Survey shows that when receiving a phone call as a government employee scholarships, 62% of the students to deal with the risk, of which 3% may be cheated. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters Yang Bin and Lv Bo (Chengdu business daily electronic version) free consultation相关的主题文章: