Luoyang villagers found the tomb of Wei Qianfen suspected Tomb of Queen Wei Mingdi-winavi

Luoyang villagers found the tomb of the tomb Qianfen suspected queen Wei Mingdi recently found a tomb in Henan province city of Luoyang offshore area Kou Dian Zhen Xi Zhu Cun Nan about 700 meters, unearthed pottery, iron, bronze, lacquer ware and a small amount of more than 100 pieces of jade and stone "task list". According to the structure of tombs and unearthed artifacts of the preliminary determination, the period of Wei tombs are a high-grade tombs. The villagers found the tomb of Wei Qianfen according to the introduction, the tombs of Ming tomb pit long slope ramps, east-west, no fengtu. A total length of about 52 meters. The tombs of the earth pit mouth, from the end of the tomb about 12 meters deep. The tomb of Tu Kuang nearly rectangular, about 18 meters long, 13.5 meters wide north-south. Luoyang Municipal Institute of cultural relics and Archaeology website, July 19, 2015, in the west village villagers Zhu Qianfen process, found the tomb mound, the discovery of this tomb. Due to the existence of stolen risks, approved by the State Bureau of cultural relics, Luoyang Municipal Institute of cultural relics and Archaeology of the tombs of rescue excavations. Shi Jiazhen, director of Luoyang Municipal Institute of cultural relics and Archaeology said: "the plane was a tomb shape, there are seven steps, which is characteristic of high grade tombs in Cao Wei period. Even the most serious grave robbers, the tomb brick has been stolen. According to the judgment of the tomb Daodong, as early as in the Song Dynasty had been stolen." The tomb of Queen Wei Mingdi suspected local media reported that although the theft is serious, but the owner of the tomb of the level is not low. The first is a brick wall on the left front faint traces of frescoes, including feasts and other patterns, auspicious clouds. Secondly, there are many cultural relics unearthed in the component of the cultural relics, unearthed pottery, iron, bronze, lacquer ware and a small amount of more than 400 pieces of jade. It is reported that about half of the unearthed cultural relics are known as a "task list" each have Shipai Shipai, writing, writing such as "kettle" and "broom" and other words. Archaeological experts these funerary stone is Records label by Pai can be seen as funerary objects with precious jewelry, jade, silk, also have the common soybean, wheat, rice, but the. Especially the tomb unearthed the tomb of Pai, with a considerable number of dressing objects. "The combination of the unearthed artifacts and related literature, the tombs of the Wei emperor Cao Rui master may be the queen." Shi Jiazhen said. The tomb will be built near the "archaeological Experimental Factory" as of now, the tombs of the excavation work is nearing completion. At the same time, through the investigation on the periphery of the drilling, the archaeologists discovered a larger burial in tombs east of 400 meters in the hills for things towards no fengtu. After initial exploration, including about 40 meters long, 10 meters wide. Shi Jiazhen revealed in an interview with the media, the future may build a "local archaeological Experiment Factory" in the vicinity of the tomb of the Wei Dynasty, let the public have the opportunity to feel close to archaeological work. "We can build an exhibition hall in the tomb, so that the public can see the tombs, and to build a" archaeological Experimental Factory ", researchers can conduct archaeological experiments on the inside, also be planning some public participation in the project, and let the public archaeology zero distance contact." Shi Jiazhen said.

洛阳村民迁坟发现曹魏大墓 墓主疑为魏明帝皇后   近日,河南省洛阳市伊滨区寇店镇西朱村南约700米处发现一处墓葬,出土陶器、铁器、铜器、漆木器和少量玉器以及100余件石质“遣册”。根据墓葬形制和出土器物初步判定,该墓葬是曹魏时期的一座高等级贵族墓葬。   村民迁坟发现曹魏大墓   据介绍,墓葬为长斜坡墓道明坑墓,东西向,未见封土。墓葬土圹东西全长约52米,口部距墓底深约12米。墓室土圹近长方形,东西长约18米,南北宽13.5米。   洛阳市文物考古研究院官网介绍,2015年7月19日,在西朱村村民迁坟过程中,发现了墓道的封土,由此发现了这座大墓。因存在被盗掘的隐患,经国家文物局批准后,洛阳市文物考古研究院对墓葬进行抢救性发掘。   洛阳市文物考古研究院院长史家珍说:“该墓葬平面呈甲字形,有七层台阶,这是曹魏时期高等级贵族墓葬的特点。墓葬盗扰严重,甚至大部分墓砖都已被盗走。根据盗洞判断,该墓葬早在宋代就已被盗。”   墓主疑为魏明帝皇后   当地媒体报道称,虽然被盗严重,但墓主人的等级不低。首先是前室砖壁上依稀留有壁画的痕迹,其中有祥云、宴饮等图案。其次,出土的文物中不乏许多有分量的文物,共出土陶器、铁器、铜器、漆木器和少量玉器等400余件。   据悉,出土的文物中约一半都是一种被称为“遣册”小石牌,每块石牌上都有文字,写着诸如“釜一”、“炊帚一”等字样。考古专家介绍这些石碑是记载陪葬品的标签,通过石牌可以看出,随葬品既有珍贵的珠宝、玉器、丝绸,也有再平常不过的大豆、小麦、粳米。特别是该墓出土的石牌显示,墓主人陪葬有相当数量的梳妆类器物。   “结合出土器物和相关文献记载,该墓葬的主人可能是魏明帝曹叡皇后郭氏。”史家珍说。   墓附近将建“考古实验工厂”   截至目前,该墓葬的发掘工作已接近尾声。同时,通过对周边的调查钻探,考古人员在墓葬东侧400米的山岗上发现了一座规模更大的墓葬,亦为东西朝向,未见封土。经初步勘探,墓道长约40米,宽约10米。   史家珍接受媒体采访时透露,未来当地可能会在该曹魏大墓附近建一个“考古实验工厂”,让公众有机会近距离感受考古工作。“我们就地在曹魏墓建造一个展示厅,让公众可以看到整个墓葬,同时旁边再建一个‘考古实验工厂’,科研人员可以在里面进行考古实验,也会策划一些公众参与的项目,让公众与考古零距离接触。”史家珍说。相关的主题文章: