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Makeup really magic hand Jin Hao cup red network open class Beauty Festival opened in Changsha Hongming central city hinterland, but have a low-key luxury, it belongs to you to want to go and sit for a while. In November 5th, the last weekend in late autumn of this year, the first Hunan Jinhao cup network Reds Festival kick into the wood lying life, there is a fashion beauty as the theme of the open class. Our mentor is an engineer and a photographer. He founded the theme photo called "flower Shu", flower Shuhe is his style. He said he was a Japanese private photography, nature is good." Mr. Xiao Xian has a pair of Nvshu San Miao of Acacia million: "who to appeal, his hobby is natural." The highest realm of beauty should not be "selfless"? He’s here to remind you who you are. If you go on to play the Reds to attend a Reds makeup theme lie what to wear, you will also look forward to and tangled? Is the color value PK? Opinion leader? Is the road to turn road or water powder, good weeding and grass? Here is ten feet to create a log book, Edison tungstens glass, simple European furniture. The black and white picture, book wall stood Susan · Bernard "·" Monroe, Marilyn; Washida clear a "wacky body", also with "Araki Wenjing". Look at our red people how to ride. The one couple with black hair, wearing men’s leather sleeves wool coat, lace up shoes. Lady is a narrow brimmed hats, uncover the fur, Wujin hair slightly messy shining white shirt. Before the opening is not much. The middle, a shoulder mounted in front of the other mushroom cool around a shoulder cool mushroom. Only her lost rounded shoulders, is tailoring wine red thin sweater, she live did not stop, mobile phone lens only half a face dew careful machine. The shoulder is exposed loose gray hair coat, pulled out before the opening of compact mirror, with a paper towel off a little lipstick. The rear three Cosplay small beast, wearing devil horns, wig is the two dimension of grandma ash and chestnut. Two gray about the same with a pair of gold rimmed glasses. How makeup stylist jesmiare teacher wearing a military green tide clothing, and hair color printed fun anchor. He skillfully to model makeup, it is important for him to be the right arm, the whole forearm be tattooed on kylin. "Because she has a thin layer of isolation." If the source of the IGI essential oils on the model’s face, even the anchor to close at hand as a makeup model. Began to make up, Ann will emphasize, must choose and color close to the foundation." He later noted, "must not use the powder puff press to brush." The eyes of nearly twenty minutes. To half jesmiare feel hot, his coat off, picked up the black brush on the table, click a button on the waist. Later he told reporters to cover the vest. Brush Mascara before the first use of eyelash growth liquid." Ann’s mascara is KATE. On the liner and said, remember to lengthen the eye tail." "Eyebrows with a straight brush." Most of the network is the master of the color value of the people, to make good use of makeup, it will be a live powder. The eye makeup, you light down, shot from the back to his teacher. @ Li Shungang Richard and @ Jiang Rong相关的主题文章: