Man heart resentment to the Qing Road tank car sugat lost more than 30 thousand-mentalist

Man heart resentment to the Qing Road tank car sugat lost more than 30 thousand you made my job, I went to the car tank you put a little salt, ruining your car, so you do not live. The heart resentment was reduced, but also the self take into account, and the salt lost more than 30 thousand. Things have from talking about a month before the September 26th day, is responsible for vehicle maintenance in a mechanical company master Lin Taizhou Baita came to Xianju County Public Security Bureau sent a warning that the car’s fuel tank project that was secretly added salt to vehicles can not travel. According to master Lin said that their company is responsible for the permanent high maintenance company maintenance work, the first day of the morning, Lu Qing car company drivers master to reflect the company’s solution seems to have a problem, so the car to repair master Lin, Lin master when Qing Lu found car repair a lot of white car lens in the tank, at the beginning he did not know what it is, he tasted, the feeling is very salty, like home edible salt. How can this salt run into the tank? Will someone deliberately put salt into it? Lin master do not understand, so the report. Police understand the situation, I feel something strange, immediately rushed to the scene investigation, 2 salt plastic bags really found in the sections near the road clearance vehicle problem parking, by monitoring the transfer of the surrounding, found in September 23rd at 7 pm, there was a suspicious middle-aged man has now near the scene. After many efforts, the police finally identified the middle-aged man in the monitoring of identity, and found the man yan. After investigation, Yan, male, 54 years old, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, is a company in Xuzhou before the Qing Road car driver, the company responsible for the Zhuyong expressway pavement cleaning work, then Zhuyong expressway maintenance company of the road clean things re contract, so Yan will not be done live. Yan, so the heart of hate, I think it is a new company to play their own jobs, and then made a clear way to the other side of the car tank poured salt this ridiculous thing. When the police told Yan "a road car is expensive, if not fully recover after maintenance, he will bear relevant legal consequences", Yan suddenly slumped on the ground, repeatedly lamented, regret. Fortunately, after a professional maintenance, road car was eventually repaired, because Yan admit a good attitude, the company made Lin master where understanding, after consultations, the final Yan lost 30 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章: