Man took ambiguous photos forced his girlfriend to open the room involving attempted rape was arrest-yuanmu

The man took the ambiguous pictures force ex girlfriend open house arrested for attempted rape was arrested Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Ren Guoyong Qi Wenxuan) "my ex boyfriend took pictures of me browbeat me into a relationship with him, or he would have put my photos to my living area." September 20th, Qixia Public Security Bureau, the police station was informed of the police. Police immediately launched an investigation, and soon arrested the suspect kwak. After the examination, Kwak explained that he and the original pingmou is the relationship between male and female friends, then break up, this obsession for pingmou brood on. 20, that day, he really can not restrain the Miss Feng, sent to her through the QQ information. Feng has been married this year, received a strange friend to add QQ information, she agreed to add out of curiosity, the results were found after the chat is the former boyfriend kwak. Chatting, Kwak actually whimsical pingmou to accompany him to the hotel, to renew the feelings. Pingmou immediately said that she had been married can not go with him. Guo Mou not letter, repeatedly asked after unsuccessful angry, directly thrown out several previous ambiguous pictures two people together to shoot, and threatened if not accompany him, will put these photos to pingmou living area, pingmou ruin.相关的主题文章: