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Home-Improvement Many people make the assumption that marble, granite and other stones finely polished shine, because a "polish" was added to them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Natural stones are made of crystals. The crystals are made of different minerals. Each mineral has a different form of crystal. The various crystals merge together to the stone. If stone quarry is first and has a very rough texture on the surface, as it breaks along the crystal-joints. By this is using a graduated series of grinding machines in the stone floor below. The mills are usually made of diamonds and the beginning of the process, a very rough one is used. It is the same principle as sanding of wood. They start with paper, the glass is very rough and, after using a fine glass paper, until you get a fine, smooth surface to the wood. By replacing paper glass stone studded with diamond pads and they are finer and finer. What does the loop cuts the corners and edges of the rock by scraping and the diamonds are getting smaller and smaller, the fine scratches and ultimately microscopic. What you end with is a very smooth surface to the stone. The crystals have a slow process of grinding finer been taken up on the surface, they are all perfectly flat and smooth with each other. A perfectly smooth surface will reflect the light and uniform will look like glass. Think about that a mirror reflects the light evenly to give you a clear sharp picture. Make the curved glass and rippled and you get a less clear, less sharp image reflected. The same applies to stone. If the crystals are flat, then you get a perfect picture reflects the stone looks incredibly bright. Roughening of the surface light and the reflected light is not more to offer you a perfect reflection of the stone and starts to dull. Any interference in the surface rocks can cause this dulling to appear. It could be a series of minute scratches from dirt or it could be caused by acid-etching materials into the rock to destroy its luster in this region. To the glory must be the rock bottom again. Consequently appear on a stone is not the product of some chemical additives on the stone, but is a property of the stone itself .. The harder the stone the more difficult it is to grind, but the larger gloss that can be achieved, which is the reason why polished granite has the highest degree of gloss, then followed by marble limestone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: