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Marshall was a state of the downturn in the private life of Jose Mourinho warned confusion or the main reason? Since Mourinho and Marshall Phoenix sports news office Mourinho, the Red Devils in the new season at the beginning of the performance is very good, the two league wins, winning the community shield, Ibrahimovic, Pogba, Rooney in front of several other generals have played well. However, last season’s team thigh Marshall state is poor, which lead to Mourinho’s dissatisfaction, according to the British "sun" said Mourinho have warned of a horse shire, asked him to improve my performance. Allegedly, due to the sluggish state of Marshall, Mourinho has made a frank communication with him, Mourinho even warned of the need to come out of the valley from the bottom of the Marshall. Manchester United executives believe that Marshall’s chaotic private life affected his performance on the court. Previously, Marshall split the story to him and raise a Babel of criticism of his childhood sweetheart, Samantha, who in an interview with Marshall publicly blasted the irresponsible. Manchester United insider said: "Mourinho has improved the performance of the team, he wants players to focus on Manchester united. Marshall is going through a difficult time, but he needs to do something about it. The manager wants him to be aware of it." Last summer, Marshall to 36 million pounds transfer fee to join Manchester United, eye-catching performance, is a major fire attack team, the team is really thigh. However, with the arrival of Ibrahimovic this summer, Marshall was moved to the left winger Jose mourinho. Although Van Gaal in the hands of Marshall has played this position, but he always thought his best position is the center. Given the existence of Ibrahimovic and Rooney, Mr Marshall had no choice. It is reported that Jose Mourinho and Marshall talked about a number of off topic, he hopes to help find the best state of Marshall, and I hope he can get rid of the trouble as soon as possible, concentrate on playing football.相关的主题文章: