Master we have a log laiyifen market safety depended on the new plate superrecovery

Master: we have a log laiyifen market safety depended on the new plate welcomed the attention of our fist column "delivery order and operation record log" there will be a master manipulator of the combat master. Users of the forwarding and comments, we do this column is the greatest power. Also welcome users to register our stock market competition, through the competition to exchange.   real time watch last night multitray scan two-dimensional code not found what good is the main subject, time shares leading laiyifen should be accelerated, estimated that today is trading near the opening, my trading strategy is never answered the accelerator board, so I had to have it as indicators of concern. The other plate did not find a suitable subject, Lutianhua, Huangshanghuang respectively suspension also shows that regulators began to gradually tighter, Wuchang, Sichuan Shuangma stack before the suspension, the suspension is also very recently a lot of leading shares that. Opened today, laiyifen in the limit near the turnover for a few minutes, direct shrinkage sealed, it is strong to no friends. Then drive the GM shares a public shares to follow the trend of extending more assists, is money directly to the bank mining shares, Bank of Changshu, Bank of Wuxi direct trading again hot the whole plate, but has a little graduation feeling. Then the high turn sent straight pull plate plate in the number of entertainment Tianquan Tianrun stimulus, many stocks active again. Just a stock in the sector are anxious to hit the jerking movements, in addition to the number of entertainment big closing Tianrun rotten boards and other Gao Weida, Rong Sheng amd all broken board. Today, I continue to hold Ping Zhuang energy is not moving, mainly to see the coke futures contract hit a new high again, feeling this wave of commodity prices have not yet ended, so did not move. This disk stocks pulled too quickly, leading shares and early second letter rhythm, I can’t find a suitable standard open, not open a new position. Market outlook judgment: laiyifen really unexpected, but no goods or look good, the stock is not the guts to game, game of pass the parcel while the stimulus but not everyone can play. However, the current round of shares as a continuation of the current round of better plate, the impact on the entire market is still very large, to pay close attention to.     note: the above is only the author’s own understanding is not to be a Kanpan, stock recommendation, does not constitute investment advice, investment risks, the market need to be cautious. Xing introduction: 12 years of age. In any private company as a trader, investment company as a researcher. Now engaged in the development of Internet stocks, financial products. Good subject stock speculation. Could not find a hot, catch Niugu? WeChat public number hailun master log [CAOPANRIZHI], micro signal: 2 million years to make every firm catch Niugu cattle scattered and fried demo monster, you change the miserable history of the stock market! Into can attack, retreat can defend. Do the risk of speculative market goers, you need a tool for risk hedging. As in the micro signal [sea] or [futures-hero] big coffee相关的主题文章: