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Messi: Su God KUN is the best Center Barcelona no self center – Sohu sports Messi: Su God Kun is the best center tomorrow morning, Barcelona will be in the Champions League group fourth round away against Manchester city. Of course, Messi is the protagonist, he and mentor Guardiola, Aguero again meet on the battleground. The day before the "sun" had an exclusive interview with Messi, Lewis Suarez and Aguero – the fleas are known as "today’s best center". Messi first talked about Barcelona system: "in fact, everyone knows the Barcelona system. We are one of the few teams with this system, but every manager will have different ideas and will follow the most appropriate way to implement the system. Every manager will bring change, although sometimes the change is not big. In Lewis Enrique’s, we pay more attention to quick attack. When Guardiola taught, we rarely fight back quickly." What are the most representative of Messi’s career at Barcelona? The flea chose two Champions League finals: "in a few games, we played very well and the opponents were almost completely unable to harm us. In the big game, we played well. The Champions League final in Rome is one of our best performances. I can’t describe my feelings in these two finals. But these two feelings are not the same, scoring in the game, Barcelona fans will be very happy. This joy, only at that moment, the occasion will enjoy." Messi then talked about Lewis – Suarez and Aguero: "Aguero is very simple, very easy to get along with. He’s a great guy, he’s one of the best centers, and Lewis – and so is Suarez. They are very different in style, but they can decide a game." Despite scoring 5 goals against Manchester City in the past, Messi still praised the blue moon: "Manchester City itself is very good, we have a very good year against Manchester City.". With Guardiola, Manchester City will be better and better." Messi in the first leg at Manchester City, had to give up dasixi, and kick kick to Neymar. "We are a team, everyone try to win, no one will be self-centered. We always enjoy the game, the goal will give us confidence." Messi replied, "Neymar is very close to us. We all like him. His character is very lively, we get along very well." Messi has already completed a Grand Slam at the club level, where does the power come from? The answer: "I don’t know what to think of personal honor, I’m a football player, I’m not playing for myself. My goal is to win with the team. The same goes for the national team, even though we have nothing." Iniesta suffered serious injuries, Messi finally talked about Barcelona captain: less him, you will find a different. He’s so special that he can make a lot of things. But we are in good shape and we are confident that we are heading for Manchester." (Ding Wu)相关的主题文章: