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Millet 5S support touch 3D? Lunar August 22 – Sohu technology, hello. I am @ Yang Muchen, broadcast today’s science and technology news for you: Lenovo released yesterday MIIX 5 notebook, equipped with a 12.2 inch 1080P screen, a class of pressure sensitive stylus. Support DDR4 memory and PCI-E hard disk, removable keyboard. One elite version equipped with I3 processor, +128GB memory combinations, priced at 4399. Enjoy version equipped with i5 processor, +256GB memory combinations, priced at 5499. Ultimate equipped with i7 processor, +512GB memory combinations, priced at 7499. What do you think of this and millet notebook? The day before yesterday HTCDesire 10 Pro and 10 Lifestyle released, the name is really smelly and long! 10 Lifestyle equipped Xiaolong 400 processor, equipped with 5.5 inches 720P screen. 2+16GB memory combination. Front 5 million rear 13 million pixel camera, battery capacity of 2700mAh, support full Netcom but no fingerprint identification. The 10 Pro is equipped with Helio P10 processor, equipped with a 5.5 inch 1080P screen. 3+32GB from memory combination, front 13 million rear 20 million pixel camera. Battery capacity 3000mAh. Fingerprint identification, fast charging and full cnc. The current price has not yet been announced. Le Pro 3 at the press conference announced running points of 163594. So the new Lei ran to 164119 points, and the questions in the poster: in addition to the performance of what?. It is said that millet 5S will support 3D Touch and ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, I do not know what this will bring the total number of dozens of black science and technology? Every day "E minutes", we’ll see you tomorrow! Flashball leave your view on the wall – – passionate interaction相关的主题文章: