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The Ministry of agriculture, Hunan Province jointly remediation of illegal fishing in Dongting Lake – Beijing September 25th Hunan daily news (reporter Xu Yaping) today, carried out by the Ministry of agriculture, the Hunan provincial government organizations Dongting Lake remediation clean-up of illegal fishing joint enforcement action, starting in the Yueyang Tower District of Yueyang city. The crackdown by the Ministry of agriculture, the Yangtze River fishery supervision office is responsible for coordinating the province, animal husbandry and Fishery Bureau is responsible for the specific implementation, Yueyang City, Changde City, Yiyang city and Dongting Lake 18 county (city, district) government is responsible for organizing the implementation of. Agriculture, industry and commerce, public security, transportation, forestry, water conservancy, press and publication departments jointly participate in the implementation of centralized deployment of law enforcement vessels more than and 50, more than 400 law enforcement officers in action. Remediation action will last 3 months to the end of December 30th. The main task is to fight the trawl fishing, fishing, fishing rod type electric mechanical screw and other illegal fishing practices, clean up the ban, bottom trawl net electric motor (device), rod type screw machine, fishing scam, net Wai, Wai, and other illegal operations short cofferdam, severely punished manufacturing, sales and the acquisition of disabled fishing gear trafficking, illegal catches illegal behavior, investigating involving fishing three noes (no ship certificate) ship, and pursue appropriate legal responsibility of offenders. After the ceremony, law enforcement boats 4 formation, Yueyang, Changde, Yiyang, with a fleet to the municipal waters to carry out joint enforcement actions; the Ministry of agriculture, animal husbandry and Fishery Bureau of Yangtze River office and the provincial law enforcement ship form a convoy, carrying out patrol and law enforcement.相关的主题文章: