Ministry of Civil Affairs the introduction of care and protection of the 26 provinces left behind ch

The Ministry of Civil Affairs: 26 provinces issued care for the protection of rural left-behind children views the implementation of new network new network in 25 – October, the Ministry of Civil Affairs spokesman Li Baojun said today that, in the implementation of the "opinions" of the State Council on strengthening the rural left-behind children care for the protection work, currently has 26 provinces have introduced the opinions, the establishment of 30 provinces the leadership and coordination mechanism. Ministry of Civil Affairs held a press conference today, released the three quarter of the focus of the work of civil affairs and the progress of the next step of the work arrangements, and a reporter asked. Li Baojun introduction, the first three quarters of the Ministry of civil affairs to focus on the development of minors protection and child welfare. Conscientiously implement the "opinions" of the State Council on strengthening the rural left-behind children care protection work, supervision and guidance throughout the establishment of leadership mechanism of rural left-behind children care protection work, at present, 26 provinces have introduced the opinions, 30 provinces to establish a leadership coordination mechanism. The Ministry of civil affairs in conjunction with the Ministry of education, Ministry of public security to carry out diagnostic investigation work of children left in rural areas, the current diagnostic investigation work has been completed, the recent organization released Mopai, made subsequent to the deployment of related work. To guide the country to do the "State Council on strengthening the plight of children security work opinions" the implementation of the work, for the outstanding problems facing the development of all kinds of difficulties in child survival, put forward the basic life, education, medical care, rehabilitation, replacement services and other aspects of the security policy, establish a dynamic management mechanism, the establishment of the plight of children complete detailed ledger information, provide personalized support for the plight of children.相关的主题文章: