Ministry of Commerce in September 20th routine press conference-stellarium

The Ministry of Commerce in September 20th a regular press conference record of the Ministry of Commerce on September 20th held a regular press conference, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang informed the 2016 1-8 month, the month of August the operation of our business, and answer questions. The following is the record: [Shen Danyang]: first, on the market in August, the consumer market to maintain steady growth. The month of the national total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 2 trillion and 750 billion yuan, an increase of 10.6%, the growth rate of the previous month to accelerate the rate of up to 0.4 percentage points, excluding the actual growth of the price factor of 10.2%. 1-8 month cumulative total retail sales of social consumer goods 21 trillion and 50 billion yuan, an increase of 10.3%, an increase over the same period last year slowed by 0.2 percentage points. Ministry of Commerce to monitor the growth of retail sales of 5000 key enterprises increased by 0.3 percentage points compared with July. The consumer market presents the following characteristics: first, the high growth of online retail. August that year, the Ministry of Commerce to focus on monitoring network retail business grew by 25.3%, the growth rate of department stores, supermarkets, shopping centers were up by 23.6, respectively, and 17.8 percentage points. According to the National Bureau of statistics data, 1-8 month nationwide physical goods online retail sales grew by 25.5%, compared with 1-7 month fell by 0.6 percentage points, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods accounted for 11.6%, accounting for 1-7. Two is to accelerate the consumption of automotive products. According to the China automobile industry association data, August passenger car sales 1 million 796 thousand, an increase of 26.3%, of which 1.6 liters and the following passenger car sales rose 40.7%, up 0.7 percentage points; sales of new energy vehicles continue to maintain rapid growth, an increase of 92.2%. August unit sales of more than 13.1% units last year, an increase of 3.9 percentage points over the previous month, oil and product sales grew by 2.7%, reversing the negative growth since the situation in April. Three is the rapid growth of consumption of housing related products. Real estate sales continued to pick up, housing related consumption to maintain rapid growth. The Ministry of Commerce focused on monitoring retail sales of home appliances and building materials increased by 13.4% and 11.8%, respectively, compared with July, respectively, to speed up the rate of 0.7 percentage points. Among them, green smart appliances continued strong sales, energy level, Ultra HD 4K TV and refrigerator inverter air conditioner sales growth rate higher than similar products 9.5, 8.6 and 1 percentage points. Four is the rapid growth of cultural leisure consumption. August national food and beverage revenue 303 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 10.3%. National film box office revenue of 4 billion 50 million yuan, for the best results over the years in August, 1-8 months, the country’s total box office break through the 30 billion mark, reaching this goal ahead of last year, up to 29 days. August coincided with the summer tourist season, tourist attractions around the peak passenger flow, tourism consumption continues to heat up. Such as: August, the Sichuan scenic area in Aba Prefecture received a total of 5 million 157 thousand foreign tourists trips, tourism revenue 4 billion 290 million yuan, an increase of 12.6% and 11.7% respectively. theory相关的主题文章: