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The Ministry of Finance announced new energy finance cheat up typical case — — "Economic Reference News" reporter 8, learned from the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Finance informed the special inspection of new energy vehicles to promote the application of subsidies on the situation, five typical cases of exposure in Suzhou GMC Bus Manufacturing Co Ltd etc.. It is reported that since 2009, the central government to promote the application of new energy vehicles to be subsidized, as of the end of 2015 the central government allocated a total of $33 billion 435 million subsidy funds. In the fiscal and tax support policies to promote and the joint efforts of all parties, China’s new energy vehicle development achieved remarkable results, the rapid growth of production and sales volume. As of the end of 2015, the cumulative production of 497 thousand new energy vehicles, sales of about 440 thousand vehicles, China has become the world’s largest new energy vehicle ownership. However, the Ministry of Finance pointed out that with the rapid increase of the scale of the industry continues to expand and promote the number of individual enterprises, driven by the interests, defraud and seek illegal subsidies, to rectify the order of the industry, the Ministry of Finance in early 2016 organized forces, 90 major new energy automobile production enterprises conducted a special inspection, involving a total of 2013-2015 the year has been declared and the central government subsidies for new energy vehicles 401 thousand vehicles, 133 thousand vehicles have been spot sales of new energy vehicles operating state. Inspection found that some enterprises in violation of relevant laws and regulations are suspected of defrauding financial subsidies, some vehicles are not sold to consumers on the early declaration of subsidies, many vehicles to receive subsidies after idle. For example, Suzhou GMC Bus Manufacturing Co. Ltd. by fabricating false material procurement, production and sales of vehicles and other original documents and records, upload a false certificate for motor vehicle driving license, illegal way, fabrication of new energy automobile production and sales business, false declaration of 2015 sales of 1131 new energy vehicles, involving the central financial subsidies 261 million 560 thousand yuan. In addition, including United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Automobile Co. Ltd., Chery Guizhou Wanda bus Limited by Share Ltd and Henan Shaolin bus Limited by Share Ltd four case was exposed. Ministry of Finance announced the results of the above five typical cases, including the abolition of the central financial subsidy eligibility, recovery of all the central fiscal year 2015 pre subsidy funds. It is reported that, in order to maintain the good momentum of development of new energy automotive industry, the next step, the Ministry of Finance and the relevant departments jointly issued a supplementary notice, requiring local governments and relevant departments in accordance with the above principles, reporting data to further examine and verify the relevant enterprises to submit the 2015 annual central government subsidies, actively and steadily make 2015 central financial subsidies capital clearing work. The Ministry of finance did not involve the inspection of the enterprise, further verification by the local. At the same time, the Ministry of finance will work with relevant departments to speed up the revision and improvement of industrial policy support, improve the access threshold timely, leading the technical progress, take timely measures to promote subsidies fall off, the new energy automotive industry into the healthy development track as soon as possible. (Prince Yang Di Hou, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: