Money may not but wealth out of thin air.

Money may not but wealth out of thin air, the Xu Zhe we are most concerned about, or sexual intercourse. Discussion about sex already I have seen a lot of an immense number of books. Just talk about sexual problems in a common saying, I want to explain and discuss the theme of central bank’s helicopter money, is really a pie in the sky? The two most common type of speech, pushing up the main factor is the rise in house prices, money, which is the central bank printed too much money. In addition, if it is not the high price of housing to absorb the release of a huge amount of money, then inflation will be more unscrupulous, one of the famous pool theory analogy is a typical representative of this view. The first super currency, comparing with typical picture is as follows:     just beyond monetary growth prices too fast, monetary growth, price index also fell, then what is the money over to the high prices. This is a typical way of thinking, but also know that almost everyone roared: correlation does not mean causality. We see only a high correlation between the currency and the price index over the same period, and can not conclude that their causal relationship. Although the price of money is more in line with the general view of intuitive knowledge, but the fact is sometimes not necessarily consistent with intuition. In the evening, when walking, is the idea of how to deal with the housing transactions and the relationship between the currency, the idea to the half of a brush, there is a public article said it, and I want to say exactly the same, very clever. What is the real estate is not a "reservoir" to better understand the words, can refer to old man: the central mother’s menopause worry not pie in the sky – known column we assume that there are buyers A B C three, a commercial bank and real estate developers a. A is not to buy a house, B is a loan to buy a house this, C is a full house. A saved up to ten million cash to make a deposit, the existence of the bank. B buy a house worth eight million, down payment of two million to bank loans after six million. At this time, the bank deposit loan to use A B as a mortgage, A account deposits did not change, B deposit amount less two million (first payment expenditure), and real estate developers deposits increased by eight million. Throughout the process, the book balance reduction of only two million of B, while developers deposits increased by, the balance of deposits of A unchanged, a net increase of six million. This process is currency derivative. Also buy a value of eight million of the house, C is a full range of home buyers do not use bank credit, C deposits decreased by eight million, real estate developer deposits increased by $eight million. The total amount of money in the system has not changed. The credit itself creates money throughout the entire process, is not eight million money and the house permanent bundled together, one hole, eight million into a house, and then the corresponding like pool as the currency to suck it? Of course, this is not the case, the real estate developer deposits increased by sixteen million, to pay taxes, payment of construction costs, construction materials costs, shareholders dividends, but also for the new period.相关的主题文章: