More than 12 trillion yuan PPP project landing speed into the main areas of environmental protection

More than 12 trillion yuan PPP project landing speed into the main areas of investment in environmental protection – the new dividend policy continues to usher in the current environmental PPP project to accelerate the landing period. Ministry of finance PPP center latest data show that as of July 30th this year, the number of PPP projects launched across the country has reached 10170, with a total investment of about $12 trillion and 40 billion. Which represents the total investment of the project has been completed in the implementation phase of more than 1 trillion yuan. CIC securities previously released a comprehensive research report pointed out that the Ministry of finance data, the current environmental protection related PPP projects totaled 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan scale, mainly related to sewage treatment, ecological construction, environmental protection, water supply, waste disposal etc.. According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection Planning Institute is expected, "13th Five-Year" during the national environmental protection investment will increase to about 2 trillion yuan per year, social environmental total investment is expected to more than 17 trillion yuan. The 165 major engineering projects and the "13th Five-Year" plan proposed, many of which belong to the public domain of environmental protection. These investments are expected to produce more than one trillion yuan funding gap, there is a huge space for the application of PPP model. The Ministry of finance PPP Center Deputy Director Han Bin introduced, with the integration of PPP and environmental protection industry, environmental governance philosophy and governance changes in the emergence of new, past department division was broken, and the government can focus more resources to solve the problem of environmental pollution. For example, Yunnan Dali pollution control of Erhai PPP project, the surrounding Erhai sewage pipe network, tail water outlet pipe of the whole package, plans to invest 3 billion 790 million yuan, the final PPP agreement signed 2 billion 980 million yuan investment, more than the sum of financial investment in environmental protection in Dali during the local "12th Five-Year". Inspired by the project, Dali further intensify efforts to conduct a comprehensive treatment of Erhai. Analysts believe that, with the improvement of relevant policies, social capital docking PPP project channel open, environmental PPP project will be favored by a large number of low-risk preferences of funds. Wind statistics show that as of August 23rd, 49 companies in the concept of environmental protection has released a semi annual report of 22. Among them, 17 companies net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company grew, with an increase of more than 7 companies over 50%. PPP project landing speed, continue to promote the relevant policies to boost performance is the main factor. CITIC construction investment, said PPP help change the pattern of environmental protection industry. Pure PPP project threshold is very high, the environmental protection project has become more and more large PPP trend, leading listed companies gradually large, giant, bring about the upgrading of industry concentration and bring a lot of opportunities for mergers and acquisitions, investment value will gradually reflect the environmental protection PPP. Driven by the PPP project, a large influx of capital into the environmental protection industry. According to public information, in 2015 the year there are about more than 130 environmental companies involved in mergers and acquisitions, a number of technology integration, engineering, equipment operation and investment and financing capabilities of the integrated environmental group is forming. "We will use force to promote the healthy and sustainable development PPP." Finance minister Sun Xiaoxia said that the next step will be actively cooperate with the relevant departments of the Ministry of finance to promote the establishment of PPP field相关的主题文章: