More than 20 diplomats in Yantai to seek cooperation in international energy investment and financin stellarium

More than 20 foreign diplomats in Yantai seek international energy cooperation in investment and financing – Beijing, China News Agency, Yantai, August 25 (Zhang Yulei) "the international energy cooperation in investment and financing new ideas" exchanges will be held in Yantai 25, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and other more than 20 countries ambassador, counselor and China related financial institutions and enterprises on behalf of the international energy cooperation in investment and financing collusion. Kazakhstan embassy counselor Abu said, "Kazakhstan Avenue" complementary "new economic policy" and "China Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, help the two countries industrial innovation and transportation cooperation more fruitful. It is reported that the international cooperation capacity support "The Belt and Road construction, China government enterprises many preferential policies, including financial support. During the meeting, representatives of financial institutions to provide financial support, improve the overseas investment insurance system, the implementation of preferential policies for overseas investment, etc. are described in detail. The general manager of the China Export and Credit Insurance Corp Shandong branch assistant Zhang Quan said, financial institutions and policy support can help enterprises get rid of market barriers and overseas financing bottleneck, reduce enterprise transnational management system of transaction cost. Jerry group, which has the advantages of investment, development and project contracting in the fields of oil and natural gas, has been used in more than and 60 countries and regions to promote the development and utilization of energy and energy projects. Jerry said the next group CEO, international cooperation capacity is a very important aspect that investment capacity, cooperation is not a simple selling equipment, but in the "The Belt and Road along the country to increase investment, or wholly owned or holding, or shares. According to reports, in recent years, Chinese enterprises in overseas energy investment and investment in the construction of the project has accumulated rich experience, with the advantages of technology and capital and operational capacity of the project. Shandong Yantai city in twenty-first Century is an important node in the maritime Silk Road, trade with more than 60 "The Belt and Road along the country. (end)相关的主题文章: