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More than a year in Tianjin and at least 35 bureau level officials sacked over – Beijing, Beijing on 12 September, 10 night in the official website of the Commission and then exposed irreparably, deputy secretary of Tianjin Municipal Committee, mayor Huang Xingguo alleged serious violation of the receiving organization investigation. This news with the August 22nd Tianjin City Vice Mayor Yin Hailin checked just ten days. Huang Xingguo became the eighteen largest since Third, Tianjin Yin Hailin Ji Wu Changshun sacked the provincial and ministerial level cadres, but also the 3 highest level cadres. Vice mayor has checked, coupled with the recent Tianjin Jinnan former Secretary of the Committee Lv Fuchun and other 2 people were expelled from the party, so far, according to the Commission’s official website reported statistics, since last year, Tianjin port 8? Since 12 "particularly serious fire explosion, Tianjin has at least 35 cadres at and above. Another 74 explosion responsible were given party and government discipline, the provincial level 5, 22 Bureau level. The party secretary of the "seven" on the day of the explosion of the checked state administration of production safety supervision bureau, Yang Dongliang, since 1994, has worked in Tianjin for 18 years, was transferred to the administration of work safety before the duties as the Tianjin Municipal Committee, deputy mayor. Tianjin temporary secretary, mayor of the vacancy situation on Saturday evening 10:30, the official website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced the Tianjin municipal Party committee deputy secretary Huang Xingguo investigation. And in September 10th, the Tianjin Daily reported on the front page of Huang Xingguo’s visit to visit teachers and met with Chinese Vice President of the KMT, the news of Hu Zhiqiang, its sacked is no sign. Public information, Huang Xingguo Department of economics and management, Tongji University, Graduate School of management science and engineering, postgraduate education, ph.d.. 1973 to participate in the work, Huang Xingguo long-term work in Zhejiang, until 2003 to work in Tianjin. Before taking over as Deputy Secretary of Tianjin, he worked in Tianjin for more than 11 years, served as Deputy Secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Committee, mayor of the post also nearly 7 years. In December 2014, the main leadership of Tianjin municipal Party committee adjustment, Politburo member Sun Chunlan served as Minister of the central United Front Work Department, deputy party secretary of Tianjin mayor Huang Xingguo, for nearly 1 years and 9 months after the fall. It is worth mentioning that, Huang Xingguo sacked from his deputy Yin Hailin sacked less than 20 days. August 22, 2016, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision website announced that in August 22, 2016, Tianjin vice mayor Yin Hailin alleged serious violation, the organization is currently undergoing investigation." 30 confirmed that the central government has decided to remove its leadership positions. Yin Hailin Wu Changshun, second Tianjin provincial officials sacked, but since the third central inspection group stationed in Tianjin city to carry out "look back" checked "the first tiger". Public information, Yin Hailin graduated from the Department of architecture, Tsinghua University, after a long time engaged in urban planning. In May 2012 by the Tianjin Municipal Planning Bureau, was promoted to vice mayor, and served as Deputy Secretary of Tianjin municipal committee. 2015 "8? 12" port of Tianjin after the explosion, the investigation report of the State Council has instructed Yin Hailin to make a profound examination. Huang, Yin have sacked Tianjin Secretary of the current temporary vacancy caused by the mayor, the mayor. It is reported.相关的主题文章: