Morocco’s ruling party once again won the election of the house of Representatives kimi wo omou melodi

Morocco’s ruling party once again won the election of the house of Representatives – International – Xinhua Tunisia on 8 October, (reporter Liu Kai) Rabat news: Morocco’s interior ministry announced that 8, the ruling Justice and development party held in 7 lower house elections, won 125 seats, becoming the largest party in Parliament again. Interior minister Mohamed said hassad Moldova?, according to all the results of the vote count, the justice and development party in the local constituency won 98 seats, won 27 seats in the seats in the youth and women. The authenticity of the ruling party’s biggest rival and the modern party won 102 seats. Morocco 7 house elections held. About 45 thousand polling stations nationwide from the local time at 8 on the opening of voters, to close the day at 19. According to the Ministry of interior data, the country has a total of about 15 million 700 thousand legitimate voters to vote for the election of the new members of the house of representatives of the 395. In accordance with the provisions of the 305 seats in accordance with the election of the local constituency, the remaining 90 seats are not divided into electoral districts, including the exclusive seat of the female members of the seats, the seats of the 30 seats of the young members of the. Morocco constitution, the majority of seats will be a separate political party or coalition to form a new government, and the prime minister candidate. The prime minister has the power to dissolve parliament, nominate and recall ministers, etc.. Previously, some political analysts believe that the election of the house, the main attraction lies in the political struggle between real and modern party room Islamist justice and Development Party and the gentle prince. (commissioning editor: Wang Ying (Intern), Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: