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Museum of fine arts training solutions: worries   mouyuan worry – Painting – original title: Museum of fine arts training: worries and foresight solutions of reporter Yan Changyuan hot August from the cool northeast to Beijing to attend the National Art Museum of training, Heilongjiang province art museum curator Zhang Yujie in addition to feel the heat of the weather. And everyone on the art museums of my passion. Like Zhang Yujie, the second time to participate in the curator training courses. Although the work is often able to communicate, but honestly when back to the students, focus on learning, the effect is not the same." Zhang Yujie said that although learning gains into the work of the results of his little sense of accomplishment, but the most happy is to identify the direction of the development of the art museum. In August 9th, the third batch of trainees graduating classes in the museum, the Art Department of the Ministry of culture, sponsored by the Central Cultural Management Institute hosted the 2016 annual Art Museum training class is over. This year, a total of 340 National Gallery system professionals participated in the curator, administrative management, curatorial, exhibition practice, public education and other aspects of the special training of the 7. It is understood that since the training of senior management personnel in 2012 the first phase of Art Museum opened, there were from the State-owned Art Museum, private art museum, famous art museum (Museum) and the art fund and other relevant agencies nearly 900 people participated in the training, many students grow into the backbone of the art museum. As an important part of the project "development of national art, organized by the Ministry of culture, the implementation of the National Museum of fine arts professional personnel training work, after several years of cultivation and accumulation, in the" 13th Five-Year "at the beginning of a good start, effectiveness gradually. Training: full coverage of the early planning effectiveness in recent years, with the advancement of the museum’s hardware construction, the lack of professional personnel and the quality of the increasingly urgent. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2011, the national 168 Art Museum, a total of 2056 employees, including professional staff of 1125 people, 329 people have the title of senior professional and technical personnel, which means that less than 2 people per hall with the title of senior. In the reform of the personnel system and staffing constraints of reality, how to break this bottleneck? In addition to improving the mechanism to increase the introduction and effective use of social resources, the more important thing is to improve the existing staff training. "Initially only a few dozen people to sign up, then reach hundreds of people, thousands of people this year." Central Cultural Management Cadre College Admissions work is deeply affected by Wang Congcong, in recent years, especially in the social needs of professional and technical personnel training in the art gallery industry is growing. "This year issued a notice after the training, more than 1 thousand and 200 people signed up, undertake limited to each training class, finally admitted to nearly 13." Wang Congcong introduction, the registration personnel not only covers various art galleries, and extends to the city, county and district level trend. Statistics show that the registration staff, the Municipal Museum of Art Museum in county level accounted for 36%, accounted for 17%, private art museum accounted for 12%, and all the Cultural Bureau and cultural institutions staff. At present, China’s art museum is facing an unprecedented period of prosperity and development相关的主题文章: