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Musk finally complete victory in the general meeting of shareholders, Tesla announced the successful acquisition of SolarCity- Sohu of science and technology in the past few years, technology giant · Elon Musk; the federal government’s generous support through tax incentives, donations and loans. Without these funds, he would not be able to build a "green Empire" of electric cars and solar power". But all of this is likely to face a huge change: Trump won the presidential election, and he believes that climate change is a hoax fabricated in china. We can imagine, climate change advocates on behalf of the musk future may be less than. Especially for the SolarCity, whether the Trump administration will continue to tax relief policies of solar energy has become a huge potential risk. But this negative factor did not have much impact on the merger of Tesla and SolarCity. 4 p.m. EST on November 17th for the shareholder vote, up to 85% of the shareholders to support the success of mergers and acquisitions, Tesla will be in the bag SolarCity! In the Tesla on SolarCity acquisition of voting shareholders, Mask and other executives Tesla because the interests must be avoided, the three largest shareholder vote. The three largest shareholders are: fidelity (Fidelity) holds 13 million 300 thousand shares; Baillie Gifford & Co. T. Row Price holds 10 million 700 thousand shares held 7 million 800 thousand shares. Although the world’s largest institutional investors services will be the acquisition of ISS is called the "necessary steps", but another consulting firm Glass Lewis & Co. is a direct attack on relentlessly, called it a "secretive relief", "serious damage to the interests of tesla". The acquisition of the basic reason that serious problem is the financial SolarCity. SolarCity signed a long-term contract with users to install solar panels free of charge, in this business model, SolarCity requires huge upfront costs. Since its inception, revenue was only $1 billion 500 million, but has accumulated $about 3000000000 in debt. In 2011 2016 years, a net loss of $about 3000000000 in debt in addition to SolarCity, SolarCity in the third quarter loss per share of $2.27. This year, the company’s share price has fallen by more than 60%. Although SolarCity is a leader in the U.S. residential solar market and has grown dramatically over the past five years, it has been heavily dependent on borrowing to pay for residential buildings with zero down payments. In recent years, the price of solar panels continued to fall, more users began to consider direct enough to buy solar panels, rather than from the SolarCity lease. In response, SolarCity acquired Silevo in 2014. Silevo is a Silicon Valley companies that produces solar panels相关的主题文章: