Nanchang International Marathon Organizing Committee prohibit the transfer and sale of

Nanchang International Marathon Organizing Committee: the prohibition of the transfer and sale of the number of "Jiangling Yu wins · 2016 Nanchang International Marathon" has entered the countdown stage, to promote national fitness, a universal love exercise atmosphere in the city, the Municipal Sports Bureau, the Municipal Sports Association will be held this week "casarte cup in Nanchang 2016 the tournament and welcome" Gan Ma "mountain run run charity activities. "Gan Ma Ying" run charity events this week "casarte Cup" 2016 Nanchang mountain race cum welcome "Gan Ma" mountain run run charity events will be 13 9:00 in the Wanli Tourism Center at a distance of about 10 km, the number of 600 people, 18 years of age, physical health, learning, application in Nanchang, people can live and work. Activities do not accept registration fee, registration deadline for November 11th 10:00. Registration of participants should arrive 30 minutes early in the game scene, after the start of the waiver is not handled. Activities will be admitted to the men’s team, the women’s group of the top 10, you can get a sports bracelet and award certificate. In the two hours after the end of the game, you can get a medal. The most beautiful track meet the marathon for the November 20th 2016 Nanchang International Marathon, my city is along the track to conduct a comprehensive transformation, brought the most beautiful track at the same time to all corners of the country running friends, also let all citizens enjoy marathon brought to the city welfare "". Because of the particularity of the marathon, the formation of the track has a great influence on the health and development of the athletes. "Nanchang marathon track, as part of the old city road for a long time to bear high load traffic pressure, serious disease, must be transformed to meet the requirements of the race." Nanchang Sports Bureau relevant personnel said. For the marathon, in August this year, Nanchang city of Hongseong road of 3.25 kilometers in length, the transformation period of 50 days. The use of high polymer road sealant can not only meet the needs of marathon, but also can effectively extend the maintenance cycle, reduce the maintenance times. In the sidewalk construction, but also the use of ceramic permeable brick, to achieve the function of water + water. In October this year, Nanchang city is also the transformation of Nanjing West Road, completed a total of 2000 square meters of the fast lane disease treatment, on both sides of the roadway edge milling of 5000 square meters, 51300 square meters of asphalt paver. In addition to the transformation of the road, the city along the illegal structures and other issues have also been focused on remediation. Since the beginning of October, the staff has a total demolition track along various damage, nonstandard advertising is about 3810 square meters, down ten points liudongtan. Organizing committee to increase the intensity of logistical support of the first international marathon in Nanchang is about to start, the 15000 will start from here, with footprints to measure the hero city. At present, the Organizing Committee of the medical security department and the traffic and security departments jointly organized the implementation of the event along the medical point, ambulance, AED position mark spraying work has been completed. Marathon track length of 42.195 km, is the race to participate in the physical and psychological limits of the challenge, and marathon injury incidence and risk.相关的主题文章: