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Nanjing brothers banquet table "Chinese" turn children blame modern Express News (correspondent Xuan Zhao reporter Cai Yunzi Bailian Ru gong drum Gu Yuansen) this weekend 7 day National Day holiday will be officially opened, parties, travel…… Nanjing Gulou police combed the alarm before and after the holidays in recent years, hope that we can also be vigilant in the full enjoyment of the small holiday, careful and scale, to avoid some unnecessary trouble. This does not, who lives in Nanjing Gulou District Sanpailou Lu an uncle, recently because of problems with a child leads to serious family conflicts between brothers, strike violently. One family dinner, eat two brothers picked up a bottle of the modern express reporter learned that Lu an uncle had two sons, the Mid Autumn Festival dinner when the two son of Lu Lu uncle drank too much wine on a whim, give up sitting beside just kindergarten nephew lu. Lu asked nephew, just past the Mid Autumn Festival kindergarten teacher did not receive a red envelope, the child said no. Lumou said "you immediately interface, the kindergarten is poor!" Although the child is still small, also know that "beast" is not good, not too happy to hear, he argued for a few. Lumou take wine to tease him, he picked up a cup of wine, said to let the 5 year old nephew to drink two, he jokingly said they want to foster. Of course, the children do not want to drink, the mother saw the brother-in-law of pies, scowled rebuked the brother-in-law: "what a child to drink wine!" Lumou feel lost face, Jiujin and sister-in-law quarrel, and swearing. As a result, Lumou brother is not happy, he felt his brother in bullying his wife, son, also scolded his brother. Referred to the last, the two sides fight, and even take up the bottle, then the rest of the family will separate the two sides, but Lumou brothers were wounded and sent to hospital for treatment, but fortunately no serious injury, eventually in the central gate police station mediation, the two sides to shake hands. Chinese style to tease the child caused by the harm caused by the child because of the vicious incident, although rare, but some people tease the child’s behavior for the child’s mind is a real hazard. This "Chinese style tease the child" has actually become a hoax. The children make mistakes, or panic, fear and even cry, adults laugh. Those who tease the child may not be malicious, or even out of love for the child, but for the child, this is a kind of injury behavior. Because children do not understand the joke of the people, they will take it seriously, the adult "funny" often make them feel angry, scared, disturbed, cheated, not respected. The following 3 ways to tease the child has been some malicious. 1, the intimidation of the child, let the children feel insecure and fearful. We often hear the words, "Mom and dad do not want you," "you are picked up," and so on the joke, a simple child is likely to listen to the serious. It is reported that the incident occurred recently in Sichuan, my mother let 7 year old sister’s baby brother, did not expect to turn a moment, her brother up fell down, in grief, that is why neighbor aunt sister once said a word, the mother gave birth to the younger brother don’t you, aunt said to forget, my sister was recorded in the heart. 2, cheating children, children.相关的主题文章: