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National Day holiday the day before 3 pm in the evening peak – Beijing drops travel travel and joint Ali High German map released "eleven big data travel forecast report", report shows that holiday travel peak will from Friday from 3 pm to 7, with an average speed of 15% yoy, go to the train station, the airport time will be increased by more than 20%. The peak of this Friday 15 am to 19 PM from the taxi to the airport, the train station to travel, holiday travel peak on Friday, return peak will be in October 7th. On Friday, the average commute time will be 2.5 hours in advance, that is, from the beginning of the evening peak when the state of 15, and continued until the end of 19. High German data show that the overall road network in Beijing on September 30th at 6 pm for the most blocking moment; the overall level of urban road congestion during the holiday period compared with a sharp decline in weekdays, the decline is expected to reach about 50%. High speed Beijing Tibet Beijing can bypass: in contrast, a Beijing high-speed rush hour: high-speed road network will be extended to many free holiday on the first day (October 1st) from early 5 began to jam, 9 or usher in the most blocking time. In addition, the day before the holiday (September 30th), although not free high-speed, but has opened the curtain. On the afternoon of 3 to 11 pm, high-speed Beijing Tibet Changping South toll station to Shuiguan toll station easy to congestion, the proposed high speed from Changping South toll station, along the G6 road -216 Highway West Road Road in Yingchengzi high-speed toll booths; Beijing opened high-speed Huang Ge Zhuang bridge to dual source bridge road congestion easily that, in seeking a high-speed toll station, along State Road 106 – Beijing to open roads running from the toll station on the six ring altar read into jingkaigaosu. Driver: stay at least 20% times expected 30, evening peak average speed of 21.5 kilometers, down 15%; traffic congestion will lead to a substantial increase in travel time, go to the airport as an example to Financial Street and China World Trade Center taxi, usually only 50 to 60 minutes, and Friday evening peak is 70 to 100 minutes, set aside 40% to 60% more than usual time. At the same time, the peak time to go to the train station will take an average annual increase of 23%. From Beijing to the capital airport, the average time will increase by 20%. Attractions: climb the Great Wall or in case of congestion according to the prediction of High German all day long, during the national day, Beijing’s most popular attractions are: Tiananmen, Gubei Town, the Badaling Great Wall. Tiananmen surrounding roads prone to congestion and amble, suggestions on public transportation 1, 2, 52 road car to arrive; Gubei town tourists, be careful in case of severe congestion Chengde high-speed, can bypass the Tang Road -101 highway traffic; the Badaling Great Wall to the owners, is likely to encounter the Beijing Tibet expressway, 110 national road the all day long of congestion, along the proposed roads – Sha Yang Lu -216 Lu Wen highway traveling to the Great Wall. In addition, a home improvement fair or cause on October 1st at 8 in the morning to 9 West Dawang road congestion, the road is recommended detour. Travel: Thailand and Lijiang, the hottest report shows that Thailand, Japan, South Korea is the most popular outbound travel countries, Southeast Asian countries, there are 4 ranked Top10, is the most popular of the 2相关的主题文章: