National fraud call success rate of about 0.1% cards may also be cheated of money yezimei

The telephone fraud "success rate" about 0.1% card no money may be cheated in Beijing – Washington (Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Wu Xinzhong) recently, the company released the 360 "2016 telephone fraud activity and behavior analysis report" (hereinafter referred to as the report), the report on the monitoring data for the 360 Mobile Phone Guardian the foundation, from the telephone fraud success rate, telephone fraud, telephone fraud activity cycle remote call rate angle of telecommunications fraud conducted a comprehensive analysis. The report shows that the success rate of fraud nationwide telephone fraud is about 0.10%, an average of every call (including caller and callee) about 1000 telephone fraud, there is a close to success. Among them, the highest success rate of mobile phone call fraud, 0.28%. The report shows that the "eleven" golden week seven days, the 360 Mobile Phone Guardian nationwide identification intercept telephone fraud harassment reached a total of 1 billion 40 million times. Monitoring data show that, on average, every 5.4 days, criminals can use a telephone number to complete a successful or nearly successful fraud. Among them, the overseas incoming telephone fraud "efficiency", a number on average every 7 hours can be a successful fraud; second is the mobile phone number, a number of approximately every two days will be successful in a fraud. Experts remind that the user receives an unknown phone from abroad, we must be vigilant. When the phone number is in the majority of mobile phone security software intercepted, the success rate will decline sharply, basically lost the value of use. Data show that the average life cycle of national fraud phone is about 57.6 days. Various types of numbers, the longest life cycle of 400 phones, which is easy to disguise with paragraph 400, not easy to be identified by the user. Telecommunications fraud cross regional crime, often greatly increase the difficulty of the investigation and detection of cases, the data show that 68.8% of the telephone fraud is the number of calls to the local user through the field. Provinces and cities nationwide (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions), in addition to Shanghai, Beijing, the other provinces and municipalities received more than half of the telephone fraud from other provinces. In particular, the report for the two most common form of fraud calls – financial fraud and identity fraud as the object of attack carried out regional analysis. Data show that: in the local telephone fraud received by all users, financial fraud in Shanxi, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, the 5 provinces of the highest incidence. The identity of fraud posing in Fujian, Jiangsu, Henan, Liaoning, Sichuan, more than 5 provinces. The report shows that in the telephone fraud cases are not all active call fraud suspects suspected of fraud, in 400, 800 phone, 13% phone call is active users, active mobile phone call rate is about 9%, the fixed telephone is 4.7%. 360 chief anti fraud expert Dr. Pei Zhiyong said that the current phone fraud has a new trend. "In the past, we thought we could afford to be cheated, but now, criminals can take advantage of your bank password, borrow money from the bank, and then transfer the cash." Shenzhen anti electricity.相关的主题文章: