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The State Planning Commission: diabetic patients in China has reached 100 million and is still rapid growth in new network on 14 November, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Wang Bin) China’s total number of diabetic patients was 100 million and the rapid growth, prevalence of risk factors, but residents diabetes awareness rate, treatment rate and control rate is low…… In the "2016 World Diabetes Day" is approaching, the grim situation calls for China to build three-dimensional prevention and health care network, the implementation of joint prevention and control. Diabetes has become a serious public health problem. National Health and Family Planning Commission data show that China’s high mortality rate of diabetes, a serious threat to the health of workers, the impact of economic and social sustainable development. The national health and Family Planning Commission deputy director of the State Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine Director Wang Guoqiang in 13 held a "2016 World Diabetes Day theme of the campaign that diabetes is a serious threat to one of the four major categories of chronic disease and the health of residents in China, independent risk factors also cause a variety of diseases. There is a general lack of awareness, knowledge and skills in the prevention and control of diabetes. National Health and Family Planning Commission said at the event, diabetes treatment compliance is not enough, and there are a large number of errors. Data show that the awareness rate, treatment rate and control rate of diabetic patients in China is only about 30%. "Health China 2030" plan to put forward the implementation of chronic disease prevention and control strategy. National Health and Family Planning Commission stressed that the prevention and control of diabetes is a chronic disease and the realization of healthy China goal is an indispensable important content. "The key lies in the prevention of diabetes early prevention and treatment, to establish diet, treatment and prevention of combined solid health care network", the Chinese Diabetes Society chairman Jia Weiping, Chinese Center for disease prevention, chronic disease control center director Wang Linhong medical community diabetes prevention experts released more than consensus, called for the implementation of a full range of health management of the whole cycle in diabetic patients, to maintain and promote national health, while standardizing diabetes treatment and management, strengthen the service capability, service model innovation.相关的主题文章: