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Network about the New Deal: North deep conservative, the most liberal is the southwest Guiyang? When the Sohu Technology Guangzhou Shenzhen demanding network about the new car, like a heavy lingering winter haze, let people downhearted, never thought, southwest of Guizhou Cosplay a stream, the introduction of the nation’s most enlightened net about the new car. October 25th, Guiyang released a net about the rules of the draft, the rules of the vehicle without any wheelbase, displacement requirements, only limited to Guiyang local license. At present, the network has been published about the rules of the provincial capital cities, Guiyang’s threshold is the lowest, the most relaxed. A three line of the provincial capital cities in the west, in the network about the new deal, why the government’s liberal and tolerant, but beyond the first tier cities to the North Canton deep? Beyond the North Guangzhou Shenzhen household registration, license, price, displacement, wheelbase, which is north of Guangzhou Shenzhen to the network about the car set up checkpoints. On the vehicle, the vehicle about the vehicle network qualifications, the core is the wheelbase + displacement. For the vehicle fuel vehicle wheelbase, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities have proposed network about vehicle fuel vehicle wheelbase 2700 mm, the new energy vehicle wheelbase of 2650 mm, displacement requirements for 2.0L or 1.8T requirements. Axle distance refers to the front axle of the automobile rear axle center to center distance is large and medium-sized cars and watershed mini cars, small cars, compact car. Generally speaking, the greater the displacement, the fuel consumption rate is higher, and more pollutants, the central level has also been promoting green low-carbon concept, to encourage the development of small cars, such as September 2015, the State Council executive meeting decided that from October 1, 2015 to the end of 2016, for the purchase of 1.6L and the following car, the implementation of reduction of the vehicle purchase tax preferential policies. The State Council as the upper body, the introduction of the policy should be encouraged, local regulations and undertake echo, but the deep North of Guangzhou network about the new car but face a meeting of the State Council decided to chill the low power consumption, small cars away, such as less pollution, Shanghai refused to put the 8 into the new shaft net about car drivers in the door, open the door to turn his face, large displacement, high price, large displacement car pollution! In contrast, Guiyang released the network about the car rules, the vehicle is very loose, the wheelbase, the displacement of two key indicators are not set any requirements, requires only local Guiyang license, the car is not over 3 years of age, the vehicle price is not lower than the Guiyang city taxi price parade. Is the driver, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen’s attitude is through household registration as a weapon, gangbusters, according to statistics, Shanghai has more than 41 active drivers, fewer than 10 thousand drivers in Shanghai local household registration, only 2.5% of the drivers with household registration requirements. If coupled with the vehicle license, driver’s license requirements, the optimistic estimate is only 2% in Shanghai to meet the requirements of the car 98% car, will be eliminated. The requirements of the Guiyang about the car driver is very close to the people, requiring local residence or residence permit. Guiyang residence permit processing conditions are not high, with identity documents and other information can apply for. In addition, the rules of the Guiyang network about the car also mentioned.相关的主题文章: