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New graphic: Volvo S90 long wheelbase version of my name is not S90L Phoenix car · new graphic Volvo was held in Shanghai in November 2, 2016 the new S90 long wheelbase models of the world’s ceremony, also announced during the 2016 Guangzhou auto show price information and then put in the domestic market. The computer version of reading users can also click the image below, jump to the Phoenix car overseas drive Volvo S90 article extended reading S90 long wheelbase Volvo models are mainly for the domestic development of the vehicle itself, based on the S90 standard wheelbase version of the model, based on the long wheelbase, with higher configuration, thus forming a German the car headed for the Audi A6L competition. Named, S90L did not appear in the official information and the body, in fact, Volvo did not follow the trend with L logo, but called the new S90 long wheelbase luxury sedan". Volvo S90 long wheelbase models of the external size of 5083x1879x1450 mm, wheelbase 3061 mm, size is slightly longer, Peter three slightly a little wide, which is naturally necessary data advantage later. The biggest highlight is the world’s first three super luxury sedan, the new Volvo S90 T8 three long wheelbase version of honor, cancel the front passenger seat is equipped with a panoramic sunroof, multi-purpose retractable table, with heating and cooling cup seat, adjustable footrest and large screen entertainment system configuration. And to provide for the touch screen control interface, the cooler and hidden by the Royal Swedish crystal glass manufacturer, ORREFORS crystal cup Orrefors Handmade rear seat passengers design. Power, domestic S90 long wheelbase version will first launch of T4 and T5 two models equipped with 2.0T Drive-E engine models, maximum power maximum torque version T4 which can output 190 horsepower and 300 nm, while the T5 version performance parameters were 254 horsepower and 350 nm. In the second half of next year, Volvo will launch a hybrid version of the T8 S90 long distance version, this set of dynamic system integrated comprehensive maximum power of 407 horsepower, torque of 400 nm, and provides 50 kilometers of pure electric mileage.相关的主题文章: