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New energy vehicles   TM to be breaking up – car — original title: new energy car scrappage to breaking the purchase of Guangzhou from 2012 to date, there were many owners to buy new energy vehicles, especially in the life span of three or four years between a number of owners have to when the change of the. However, there are owners of new energy vehicles recently to reflect this reporter "Replacing" worry: in the second-hand car market with the name of worn out new energy vehicles, has frequently rebuffed. Old cars can not be sold, the new car will not be able to buy. Fortunately, the reporter interviewed local dealers noted that this new energy vehicles used to replace the old difficult problem is expected to break. Currently, there are car manufacturers to launch a new energy vehicle buyback policy, revitalize the new energy vehicles from the purchase to the replacement between the consumer barriers. The local car market links: Japanese hybrid models Renqiwang "price city" with respect to the embarrassment of domestic new energy vehicles car handling difficult, part of the purchase of Japanese hybrid models are relatively old no trouble in this area. Reporters from the local old trading market noticed, TOYOTA, Honda, Nissan and other Japanese car has always been the old favorite, hedging rate is higher. Enjoy Guangzhou Yaohao new energy vehicles "convenient" Guangzhou TOYOTA Camry dual engine, Ralink dual engine hybrid second-hand car market is relatively good. In a 2012 2.5 Camry hybrid luxury navigation version as an example, the second-hand price in 130 thousand yuan, with a common fuel vehicle in 14 to offer second-hand 150 thousand yuan. Reporters noted that if a year of age of the vehicle about the Camry hybrid models, the current second-hand price of 170 thousand yuan. Used car dealer Lee told reporters analysis: TOYOTA hybrid vehicle warranty period is longer, the quality is more secure, so the relative domestic new energy vehicles will have a market. However, compared to ordinary gasoline version of the model, the price of second-hand hybrid will be lower." Car owners feedback: deal with new energy vehicles in September 2013 in an embarrassing situation to buy a pure electric car, Liu, this year moved to replace the car with a better performance of pure electric new ideas. This seemingly ordinary idea, but in his handling of the old car encountered obstacles. When he drove this car three years ago spent nearly 100 thousand yuan to buy a pure electric car, turn a circle in the secondary market, most car dealers are shaking rejection, finally encountered willing to buy, but only at a low price of $8000! Liu’s replacement plan had to temporarily stranded. The same is hung three years ago to buy a BYD hybrid car far more fortunate, he want to change at the beginning of this year, coincides with the manufacturers launched a replacement policy for new energy car repo, he successfully in automobile 4S shop at a higher price, the replacement of a new electric car this year. In recent years, because the purchase is not restricted, no limit, no limit, as well as national and regional subsidies for new energy vehicles all kinds of preferential policies to promote the sale of pure electric vehicles and other new energy vehicles in recent years soared. As in Guangzhou City, new energy car index Yaohao "enjoy Easy Access" or directly on the convenience, there are a few million in subsidies, but in Guangzhou and other parts of the city’s purchase of the policy, a person is allowed to have only one vehicle to buy a new index)相关的主题文章: