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New South Wales: use the law for environmental protection "escort" — Environmental Protection — original title: New South Wales: to use the law for environmental law and environmental protection "escort" Chang Jiwen Australia in New South Wales is quite distinctive, and played a certain role in environmental law in the world. On July 18th ~22, I visited New South Wales to visit Australia, environmental protection bureau and the state office area, land and environment court, judicial committee and other organizations, and to the local steel plant site visits, hot Australia environmental law and its background and is currently experiencing some of China’s environmental law doubts and difficulties, in-depth study. In 1990, the state of New South Wales in order to deal with the reality of environmental problems, the State Council decided to develop new environmental laws, establish an effective mechanism, this mechanism is the State Environmental Protection Bureau now, in some places to set up regional offices. Compared with China, with reference to relevant working experience in New South Wales Environmental Protection Bureau: one is to establish strict laws and supporting guidelines and guidelines and other documents, the establishment of environmental protection loyal and strong executive body. A good regulatory body should be flexible, transparent, responsive, adapt to the new situation, and provide technical and legal support for the decision-making body. For enterprises that fail to meet the requirements of pollutant discharge, the environmental protection department may file a lawsuit according to law. Over the past 5 years, the New South Wales Environmental Protection Agency has won the case in favor of the more than and 100, established a reputation, so companies attach great importance to the State Environmental Protection Agency Law Enforcement and recommendations. Two is to establish regulatory agencies and corporate interaction regulatory culture. Regulation of culture, such as the Environmental Protection Bureau of the service to the enterprise, the enterprise consciously save environmental management and monitoring records of business information, the signature of the person responsible for reporting of environmental information, corporate annual report to submit accurate law-abiding State Environmental Protection Bureau, environmental protection departments will carry out compliance audit of enterprise. Environmental regulatory culture can not be established in a short period of time, which requires long-term accumulation and continuous efforts to protect the environment, the need for a long time to initiate law-abiding movement. Three is the environmental protection management and environmental pollution control, ecological protection to modernization, to let the public fully understand, support and participation. The New South Wales environmental protection agency reports to the public every 3 years on environmental protection and receives public feedback. In order to coordinate the relationship between the enterprise and the community, forming a positive interaction situation, the State Environmental Protection Bureau in a number of places to coordinate the establishment of a "community Consultative Committee", played a very good effect. Four is the establishment of parallel environmental impact assessment report of the examination and approval system, including the establishment of a comprehensive water, soil, gas, solid waste and noise etc. the licensing mechanism. In order to simplify procedures, reduce the burden on enterprises, environmental protection departments should set up a detailed classification table, such as what needs to be licensed, which does not require permission. Currently, there are about 2800 companies in New South Wales have sewage permits, permits a variety of regulatory conditions attached to ensure that the environment is not affected. Five is to establish an air quality management plan every 5 years that is, emission reduction plan, phase I and then a dry, and gradually improve the pollution control requirements,相关的主题文章: