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Next week, the five major stock market speculation: policy to usher in a good period institutions smitten source: WeChat public "love stock APP" Author: the stock market rebounded bottom blade two city, in addition to the stock index closed slightly infrared, the index fell across the board. The disk, the debt to equity swap tide of speculation, Hyde shares (000567) release day, signs of significant capital flight, the afternoon, Tianquan new and the concept of central enterprises reform force, the two decline, the market even red plate. Two, a total of 32 stock trading, money effect dropped significantly, the total turnover of 423 billion 600 million, the amount was essentially flat. 1 conjecture: let policy funds into the market opening probability: the disclosure of 70% Guangzhou Financial Bureau in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen three first-tier cities still suspend the registration of cases, Guangzhou took the lead in "prudent" liberalization of private equity fund registration, especially for equity investment enterprises to vigorously support. This is clearly in response to a few days ago, the State Council to guide savings funds into the equity market policy! For the stock market, the release of private registration, but also to the OTC funds into the stock market a new channel! Guangzhou move shows that before the policy continued to tighten the face of the stock market, there have been signs of relaxation, the future may be more favorable policies! 2 main conjecture: institutions smitten probability: 75% Chinese Unicom (600050) afternoon once daily limit, the week rose 24.58%, after all is because the mix change expected. On the evening of October 9th, China Unicom announced that China Unicom Group is studying the specific implementation of the mixed reform program in the discussion. China Unicom today peatlands, turnover of 2 billion 600 million, the large blue chip, non small institutions, small capital, is obviously large organizations involved, indicating that the market for mixed change approval, is expected next mix change will have lasting positive! 3 conjecture: Dikaigaozou probability: 70% today V index staged a reversal, fully consistent with the predicted yesterday "bottom rebound, the market finally received positive stand back to 5 days on average, although the gem overcast in the 5 day moving average, but under the shadow had just stepped back to 89 days, and the average system began to diverge, the trend is good. Pictured above, the gem on the daily chart, still belong to the big triangle consolidation range, the small triangle has break through the current can be considered a breakthrough step back after the week, just as there are low or dropping again, is a good time opening. 4 market speculation: high probability of shock to achieve: 60% senior attitude is quite obvious, through administrative means to guide capital into the equity market to help companies reduce leverage. Want to achieve this important political task, the stock market must show the effect of making money, the management is bound to take the initiative to release good news. The index intraday decline is not small, but late in recovering the market even closed up slightly, the stock fell App love stock analysts scanty, believes that the market sentiment is not panic, today is just a rebound in the process of normal adjustment. Regulators care market next week, the probability of picking up the rebound momentum. 5 hot conjecture: the reform of state-owned assets concept strong probability: 60% take up the capital market to the enterprise reduced leverage the political task, debt is the highlight of solving high debt problems of state-owned enterprises. Xi total several times to do bigger and stronger enterprises, market;相关的主题文章: