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Neymar’s lawyer issued a statement denying the violation: time will prove innocence [information] exposure Neymar pleaded guilty to tax evasion case lawyer Neymar will pay a fine of 125 thousand euros issued a statement denying illegal sports Tencent September 26th hearing on Friday, the Spanish national court to restart the investigation, the transfer of Neymar case in this regard, the "world sports daily" disclosure, face may therefore be sentenced to imprisonment rumors, Neymar is very calm, and his lawyer also issued a statement, Neymar stressed that in this transfer case is innocent again, and the transfer process of abiding by law and morality. The Neymar transfer case originally in July of this year has been closed, then Barcelona (website data) paid 5 million 500 thousand euros of tax to the Spanish tax authorities, but now the Spanish prosecutors found new evidence that Neymar’s father in 2011 in Barcelona signed two contracts, which not only undermines the free market, but also damage at that time Neymar has 40% ownership interests of the company DIS. Neymar in 2013 to join Barcelona, then announced the transfer fee of 57 million 100 thousand euros, of which 17 million 100 thousand euros for the Santos club, the other 40 million are for the parents of Neymar holding N& N company, and had Neymar 40% ownership of DIS company claims that their interests because Neymar’s father signed two contracts and damaged. Barcelona official has issued a statement denying illegal, but also by the lawyer Neymar N& N company issued a statement as follows: we received a Madrid court intends to restart the investigation Neymar move to Barcelona, we remain calm, because all the signed contract is to obey the law, comply with the code of ethics, but also through our lawyer in Spain, we know the Madrid court is far not to confirm the responsibility point, we firmly believe that time will prove our innocence, thank you for your attention." (Romario)相关的主题文章: