Nicholas Tse confession to make Deborah cry Jutan Dou Jingtong zngay

Nicholas Tse confession to make Deborah cry Jutan Dou Jingtong Sina entertainment news Beijing on November 12th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Nicholas Tse yesterday (November 11th) to the "Michelin curiae, together with 7 Michelin star chef" senses "star dinner, he is in charge of processing called" autumn all sorts of joys and sorrows "gazpacho. Nicholas Tse spit through the heart, ask yourself and family relations are not very close, but fell in love with cooking, home will go to the kitchen to get the family to eat. He also with his mother to pull the exchange of cooking experience, feel the relationship with the family has changed, Deborah heard his son’s public confession, can not help but moved to tears. Nicholas Tse cook was awarded the honor "Michelin" friends last night (November 11th), he was invited to accept the award and a significant skill as "senses" star for all dinner soup. Nicholas Tse gazpacho renamed "autumn leaves fall into all sorts of joys and sorrows, he claims the scene with crisp design, very beautiful. Many celebrities attended the dinner invitation, including the "rice washing sister-in-law" Chen Huiling, Chen Shufen, Xue Zhilun and Joel Chan [micro-blog] her dress up such support, Nicholas Tse’s mother Deborah (Deborah) and husband Kong certainly personally behind the beard. Deborah: score for others to play Deborah said: "must come to support, see his insistence, so must support! This evening not only to see the ‘flavor’, but also taste the flavor, a lot of thank you for your support. Scores to others, grandma is in my heart." Her admiration for his son’s love of cooking and perseverance, the family often have the opportunity to try his research and development of new dishes. As for whether to support him to join the catering industry, she said: "he is to decide, for many years he decided his way, give him a little time, want to do a few years’ friends today."." Deborah said the memorable years ago Nicholas Tse made Griddle Cake, will now spend the day in the kitchen, he personally from his hands to do so, as a mother waiting to eat it, as long as he is to cook delicious. Recently Sandra Ng [micro-blog] exposure which Nicholas Tse kiss, Deborah jokes that his first kiss to forget, we asked Nicholas Tse for. Fall into the kitchen close family relationship to the chef Nicholas Tse identity debut, while making it live on the side of the soup dish is difficult, the thought of life all sorts of joys and sorrows of various taste, also said that’s the most beautiful autumn in Vancouver. Then, he is on the stage to accept the "Michelin friends" award, and confided in the table. Nicholas Tse said: I have always been very close relationship with their families, but fell in love with the kitchen, I now go home every time at least cook a dish to share with my family, I feel very warm." Sit down and Deborah hands, all eyes looked at Nicholas Tse, is the son of the words and moved to tears. The feelings of the world share the food enhance the feelings of Nicholas Tse was interviewed, he said to his mother was his words: "cry, yeah! What I say is true, not just for the kitchen, but to share this feeling with my family. In particular, the two mother and son can discuss dishes, the topic is much more." In the emotional world, whether it is also used to share food to相关的主题文章: