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Ning Zetao to visit the children with congenital heart disease since childhood exposure has seriously ill sister Ning Zetao to visit friends in October 22nd, Shanghai rainy afternoon, the Paediatrics Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University ward, one more big brother sun. He took the social from all walks of life love, together with NU SKIN such as China children heart foundation, to children patients with congenital heart disease side, bring them to the autumn sun. He was Ning Zetao after the Olympic games. Success is not to win many games, but to help many people even in the wind and rain, but because of the arrival of Ning Zetao ward, more warm and happy than usual. This is the second in January this year, Ning Zetao became the new Chinese children’s Heart Foundation youth charity Ambassador after the first visit to the hospital to visit children with congenital heart disease. In each of his bed are carefully listening to the children’s story, with a gift for them, and encourage them to fight bravely with pain. First came to the hospital to visit children with congenital heart disease to make him feel a lot, from the ICU ward after Ning Zetao wet eyes. He said in an interview: "the deepest impression is a two-year-old child, he just finished surgery, purple lips are black, but he doesn’t look like the other children like crying, see around strangers like to see relatives, walk away waved to me. The doctor told me that the child was abandoned by his parents a year ago in front of the hospital, they were treated for a year and the operation was successful, in a few months can be sent to the general ward. He reminds me of my sister, she was seriously ill when I was 12 years old, when I went to the hospital to see her, she was chemotherapy, hair fell out, but still smiling at me. A 10 year old girl face illness and difficulties that a positive and optimistic attitude, let me from then have to do public power." Good is not small, is a kind of beauty. In many charitable projects, Ning Zetao chose the new China children’s heart foundation. He once said in an interview he was weak by his family into a sports school, so pay special attention to children’s health. In depth understanding of the current CHD rescue operation of the project and in the hospital treatment of children with the situation, Ning Zetao said: "there are a lot of love and social enterprise team, but as a" force for good "concept of charity and I am very fit. Children are the hope of the family and the future of the country, congenital heart disease has a great impact on the healthy growth of children, listen to their stories, the more you understand the more people need to pay attention to the project. I feel my strength is very weak, I hope to be able to pay more attention to the healthy growth of children with more young friends." "Whether it is money or good or good, regardless of size, is a kind of beauty." Although busy training, but Ning Zetao has always been the heart of public welfare. After the Olympic games he issued the first micro-blog will mention a child called Yong Ting, gave him a painting in his depressed when he gave a lot of encouragement. Yong Ting is a poor children with congenital heart disease, with the help of NU SKIN, such as the Chinese children’s heart foundation, has undergone 7 surgeries to regain a new life. Now she’s with other caring people相关的主题文章: