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Ningde 13 year old girl pregnant abortion was called July school director for nearly a year of sexual assault suspect Moumou home, locked the door. September 28th morning, Fujian Ningde Mindong Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, after surgical abortion Wei launched delivery room. She is only 13 years old this year, had been pregnant for 31 weeks. 10 days ago, Wei family report to the public security organs, a 55 year old primary school teachers in Shouning County, Chen Moumou rape Wei and caused his pregnant. Filing this book shows that in September 18th, Shouning County Public Security Bureau Li rape investigation on this matter. In September 22nd, Shouning County Propaganda Department informed that the county hospital, Wei had been pregnant for 30 weeks, Chen Moumou suspects have been detained by the police. Shouning County departments responsible person confirmed to reporters that the rape case basically verified, will strictly and promptly deal with. Shouning County deputy magistrate in charge of education, Zheng Jinsheng said, after the incident, the local education department immediately convened a special meeting a series of rectification of ethics, government departments will carry out certain economic aid to the victims, to help them complete abortion surgery smoothly, but also try to help children solve future transfer and other follow-up security problems. "The most suffering 3 days of this year’s Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Wei family spent the three days of the suffering of life"". In September 14th, mother Wang Aiping is afraid of things is verified, she saw the root of pregnancy test shows "two bar" – the daughter of Wei was pregnant. At this time, Wei told her, was in school teacher Chen Moumou rape. That September 18th issued by the Shouning County Hospital said Wei B-show intrauterine pregnancy 30 weeks. In fact, the change of the body caused by Long Wei side of people’s attention. Wei aunt Lin Fang told reporters that in recent months, Wei’s belly slowly big, home in doubt, but it is thought that summer vacation, children at home no movement long fat, and Wei is the practice of sports, physical fitness is good, no obvious what pregnancy reaction. Wei’s mother also joked with others, daughter fat really ugly. Later, more and more people pay attention to the change of Wei body, Wang Aiping worry is not pregnant, hurriedly in a month ago to buy a paper test, did not detect pregnancy, do not know is not the problem of test paper. "Don’t tell Dad, or I’ll die, and my father will die." Wei said to Wang Aiping, Chen Moumou had threatened her so. "This man must be arrested!" Wang Aiping said, confirmed that her daughter was pregnant the same day, she took her daughter came to her home about a kilometer away from the home of Chen, Chen closed the door, she knocked a few times no one answered the door, had to take her daughter to return. Wei father Lin Changgen was shop at the store, he called home to ask her to school, my mood not aware of the king. "Who made you angry? Why are you so angry?" Wang Aiping tears a loud roar: "I want to kill!" Lin Changgen immediately rushed back home soon to know the things I was the sequence of events, people are mad!" The second day is the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Lin long considered the first report: "it’s not a public security bureau report Tian相关的主题文章: