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North Water Transfer five billion cubic meters of accumulated water diversion – Politics – newspaper Beijing on 26 August,     (reporter Zhao Yongping) reporter from the State Department South Office was informed that: South to North Water Diversion Project has been running smoothly through the water, water for 623 days, a total of 5 billion cubic meters, the benefit of Beijing Tianjin Hebei Henan along more than a dozen large and medium-sized city, about 40000000 people drink the water from the south to the north, including 11 million people in Beijing, Tianjin 8 million 500 thousand, Hebei 5 million, Henan 16 million. The water water supply provinces to effectively enhance the residents of water, water quality improved significantly, the groundwater environment and City Lake Ecological significant optimization, social, economic and ecological benefits of synchronous highlights. The middle route of the south to North Water Diversion Project has opened up a new source of water for the affected area, which has changed the pattern of water supply. In Beijing, urban water supply in the South accounted for more than 70%, more than 200 million cubic meters of water stored in the Miyun reservoir, Huairou reservoir, reservoir in Ming Dynasty Tombs, will be in Beijing City, water resources, water source Fengku Jinan, expanding the scope of supply water plays an important role. In Tianjin this year, the Middle Route Project of water supply will reach 856 million cubic meters, which means that urban residents around the city center and the Binhai New Area, the four district, Jinghai district and Wuqing district all use water, city water supply dependence, single and vulnerability "effectively resolve contradictions. In Hebei, due to the small reservoir water storage, the south to North Water Diversion Project as a stable source of water, providing reliable drinking water for large and medium cities along the line. In Henan, the scope of the south to north water supply covers Zhengzhou, Nanyang, Pingdingshan and other 10 cities and 36 counties, the effective irrigation area of 1 million 154 thousand acres of agriculture, water efficiency gradually expanded. Central source of Danjiangkou reservoir water quality stability, has been maintained in class II and above water quality. Water quality improved significantly, Beijing city water group monitoring shows that the use of water from south to north water hardness from the original 380 mg per liter to 120 – 130 mg per liter. Ecological benefits of the water receiving area. Beijing City, adhere to the "drink" survival "," compensation "principle, to supplement water center city rivers and lakes, combined with existing scheduling of reclaimed water, improve water quality of rivers and lakes; to the Chaobai River, Haidian mountain water" fill "into 250 million cubic meters of water, a total of more than 100 million cubic meters of groundwater pressure, groundwater decreased slowly. Tianjin city by the end of 2015, the city’s deep groundwater exploitation control in less than 210 million cubic meters, more than a year, reduce groundwater permit 10 million 100 thousand cubic meters of water, backfill wells more than 110 eyes. In Hebei, the water diversion project, has to Shijiazhuang City Hutuo River, Xingtai city of Qilihe river ecological water 70 million cubic meters, return to enhance the ecological landscape effect of glittering. In Henan, Xuchang, Beihai, Shi Lianghe, to the Qing Dynasty? River ecological water 6 million 150 thousand cubic meters, the city of Zhengzhou by replacement out of the Yellow River water for ecological water system construction, and atrophy due to lack of water lakes, water again, as of now, Henan has 15 water plants, by groundwater replacement for the diversion of water. 14 city water conservation of groundwater, groundwater level by different degrees)相关的主题文章: