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Note 7 Samsung will become domestic trouble and foreign invasion the worst in the history of Note had high hopes Note 7 mobile phone, but do not want to become Samsung’s heart. Recently, Samsung’s new flagship mobile phone Note 7 battery was pushed in the teeth of the storm burning incident yesterday morning, apple and its main competitor and released the latest flagship mobile phone iPhone 7, leaving Samsung mobile phone in the domestic trouble and foreign invasion. Samsung Note series since the 2011 battle of the big screen fame, Samsung has become a model for the phone, but now faces many challenges, but also to allow Samsung mobile phone Note 7 revival of the road cast a shadow. Recall the door hit the iPhone 7 in the face of a short period of mobile phone continuous burning incident, Samsung finally chose to accept. The day before, Samsung in the recent "burning" incident to the outside world, has identified 35 Samsung Note 7 mobile phone battery burning, also announced the recall of 2 million 500 thousand Note 7 models in the global scope, and the suspension of the flagship machine in 10 countries and regional sales. For countries and regions involved in the product, Samsung also gives a different recall program. In the United States to provide two programs, one is free of charge, the time is expected to be around a week; two is the replacement of Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, as the other parts are recycled and refund the difference. In addition to the extra $25 compensation to the user credit card or gift card for gold. But in the Taiwan area Chinese, is about on-line booking website and to replace the replacement, giving users a 32GB memory card. According to Credit Suisse, South Korea Pelham Smithers Associates and Daishin securities estimates, Samsung’s recall costs about $1 billion. Compared to Samsung previously estimated this year net profit of 23 trillion won ($20 billion 600 million), that is to say, only the recall is expected to lead to a net profit of 5% Samsung visli. But in the era of time is money, Samsung will miss the golden age of sales. In recent years, Samsung’s Note series of mobile phones are released before Apple’s new product launch in January or so, the purpose is to hope to seize the market ahead of the first mover advantage, but this year it is going to fall. Because Samsung recall and extension of the impact of sales, coupled with Apple has released a new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and identified in September 16th released in a number of countries around the world. IHS analyst Li Huaibin revealed that the news from Apple’s iPhone supply chain shows that Samsung Note 7 after the accident, apple added some orders to suppliers. "After the release of Note 7, the industry praise degree is very high, but recall events, may influence people to buy, this part may turn to buy iPhone 7, it is based on this judgment, apple added new orders to suppliers." Li Huaibin said. At the same time, China Unicom, Beijing, a WeChat public number push iPhone 7 news, said in September 23rd iPhone will begin selling in. Message table from Unicom相关的主题文章: