Nursery soil solution of mouth, may ruin her mother –

Nursery soil solution of mouth, may ruin her maternal parenting – Sohu don’t let the earth, destroy the treasure! Bao was born, my grandma and grandpa grandma Grandpa think, well, my stomach parenting experience, we have the opportunity, in the Po infant stage, the most difficult is the elderly, some joint their children are not so much, but, how to say, that time, a lot of parenting experience are in fact soil of mouth, a scientific basis has not said, but it might ruin the baby, so scary ah?! Xiao Nan lists 16 first, Baba Mama to check and correct mistakes. Scraping eyebrow can make black eyebrows? Treasure the delicate skin does not say, eyebrows have so, if a tremor, the root of treasure scratched eyebrows, eyebrows after the position and form probably such a knife change, scratch the skin even more trouble, light to cause infection and ulceration, scarring, heavy treasure may never grows the eyebrows. Most of the treasure will not have eyebrows to about 2 years old, parents do not have to worry. Pinch nose can make nose become pretty? Often mention pinching nose bone, can let nose change quite? Xiao Nan just want to ask a scientific basis? The nasal mucosa delicate treasure, if excessive strength, will damage the nasal mucosa. Facial features and genetic, let nature take its course, let nature take its course. Cut eyelashes eyelashes longer? Eyelash length, thick and not feel shy, this is genetic and nutritional thing, you don’t ride the scissors, because the eyelashes can play dust from the mouth of the light is too strong} role, cut off, treasure eyes easily hurt. Let the eyelashes grow naturally, it is not your reluctance. His ear to ear more rounded? Most of the baby’s ears, are no longer open state, with Bao growth, ears grow more stylish, what type? Ask the genetic gene. Some Baba mama don’t want to treasure long ears, just fancy the treasure ears back pressure, when the clay is what your genes? I gently to treasure his ears, can play a certain role of massage. If the ears of the treasure really deformed, the hospital to go. Breast milk can make the skin whitening face Bao? Milk is a good stuff ah, can not give balm, such as Bao face. Why? Milk spoilage, bacteria can easily invade the skin from the face, and then produce flush treasure, and even become small and fester…… I really did not scare you. Do not dry on the face of treasure, do not smear anything, really want to use, choose a special baby cream. Pull teeth can make long teeth together? Most treasure is a natural tooth, tooth replacement, do not need to unplug. When the teeth did not fall, has long teeth, teeth for more neatly, can be pulled out teeth. Have a hard pillow to head round? Forehead, long-term use of hard texture of the pillow, it will only be counterproductive, easy to make the newborn skull deformation or the formation of large and small face…… Besides, the real factors affecting treasure head, is genetic and position! Don’t let the pillow lie again. Often deliberately to treasure to adjust position.相关的主题文章: