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Book-Marketing NY Research Press is one of the most distinguished and renowned names in the world of academic book publishing. Innovative practices and .mitment to bring forth the most contemporary book titles and other reading materials to suit educational and research needs is their prime objective. NY Research Press publishes books on a wide range of academic disciplines, with a primary focus on Engineering, Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Under these umbrella categories of Engineering, Material Science etc., there are numerous sub-categories which further diversify these fields, for instance engineering can be classified into mechanical engineering, .bustion engineering, .puter engineering and many more. These significant sub-divisions add to the dynamics of their fields research. Rapid advances in technology have increased the importance of Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering in todays society. From Quantum Chemistry to Biomaterials, from .binatorics to Optics, all the books released by NY Research Press elucidatethe latest progress in their respective fields. With the recent developments in technology, the world is witnessing a new revolution. Right from the basic applications of technology like .puters to the more significant ones like infrared technology, everything is advancing at a lightning speed. This phenomenon has given reason to researchers across the globe to push their limits and search for newer horizons. This up-to-date research data and case studies are documented by NY Research Press for enthusiasts, students, researchers and professionals in all corners of the world. It is the publishers aim to collate the most advanced and significant data and provide the readers with ground-breaking material which will help them in grasping a better hold of their interest areas and also contribute to the same. NY Research Press extends its support to contributors all around the globe in order to publish the best titles in the industry. Our pool of authors, researcher and editors hail from the worlds top universities and are distinguished names in their respective fields. Their expertise adds to the richness of our books. NY Research Press makes it easier to understand the diverse aspects of various fields of Science by presenting the latest researches prepared by experts and scientists working in these fields. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: