Odd fish micro office charging mode in order to allow mobile office products to the extreme pigeon blood

Odd fish: Micro office charging mode to make mobile office products play a new network ultimate odd fish micro office vice president Wu Kai: the charging mode to make mobile office products play the ultimate in new network on 25 August, at present, it brings great convenience to people’s life and work Internet plus, artificial intelligence (AI) not only to a certain extent the liberation of the people of the labor force, also greatly enhance the work efficiency. Complex things become simple, and even things that are impossible in the past are now "reality"". Similarly, Internet plus applied to the management of the company, the company not only save cost, but also enhance the company’s management efficiency and the level of performance, but this is not what happens. In the "big tide hit, the emergence of a lot of" Internet plus office "product start-up companies, most of them in this free mode through the net users, however, the odd fish micro office vice president Wu Kai said in an interview in Beijing, free access to a large number of users in the short term, but in the individual needs of the enterprise. Because of the cost is limited, unfavorable for product customization aspects. Odd fish micro office is designed for small and medium enterprises and the team to create an integrated mobile office platform to help companies and teams to improve sales effectiveness, improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs. Products are mainly SaaS model, the platform integrates cloud computing, big data, mobile OA, CRM, integrated office, information security, management software, and to provide users with customized personalized service. Although the integration of many features, however, odd fish micro office with the traditional ERP, OA and CRM there are many differences, according to Wu Kai introduction, odd fish micro office is more intelligent, safe and low maintenance costs. The first is intelligent, different industry production management, marketing and other aspects of operation mode are different, the odd fish micro office can through data analysis, to set the number of processes and functions according to the actual usage, remove some useless redundant functions, to enhance the platform use efficiency. The other is security, the traditional platform need to build server, security needs of their human and financial input and maintenance, security is difficult to guarantee, and the odd fish micro office service system set up in the cloud server, and play information security tasks by third party professional security team, which greatly reduced the cost of enterprise information security. Compared with the traditional office management platform, micro operation and maintenance in the office of the odd fish also has very low cost, the system upgrade and adjustment platform and some background maintenance work, are composed of odd fish micro Office unified maintenance, which saves a small expenditure for the user. From this perspective, many aspects of the SaaS model platform is superior to the traditional office software platform. However, many Internet office platform with the free mode for users, Wu Kai used different views in response to this phenomenon: the free way can in a short period of time a part of the user, but also need to enhance the user experience in business under the big platform, such as personalized and customized services, after all each industry the production and management in different ways, the office system platform needs are not the same. Odd fish do justice is a free experience, pay and use.相关的主题文章: