One cancer village Party Secretary organize the villagers to evacuate their casualties trapped by th windjview

One cancer village Party Secretary organize the villagers to evacuate their casualties trapped by the flood – Beijing – South Temple palm village Party Secretary Zhang Baogui (left no person) check the damaged highway. 7? 19 flood disaster has been more than a month, went into the town of Jingxing County, the South Temple test fish in southern palm village, all a hideous mess pipeline ditches, bare tree trunks, collapsed houses, roads, on both sides of the terraces, quietly tell people here have experienced a disaster, and everywhere the repaired damaged houses, terraced fields, road shows, this small village in the face of disaster resilience to the world. The reporter interviewed Zhang Cun in the South Temple, hear the most is the villagers of the village Party branch secretary Zhang Baogui praise. It is this middle-aged man suffering from cancer amputated his left arm, directing the village self-reliance challenge flood, not only to achieve a "zero casualty", in the shortest time to restore the water supply, rush through life channel, organized a strong post disaster reconstruction. The figure / reporter Li Bing correspondent Gao Jinghua organized people to evacuate his family trapped mountain night July 19th morning, received the test fish town flood control headquarters flood warning notice, Zhang Baogui and other village cadres four Bingfen Road, the transfer of low-lying areas and dilapidated houses in the crowd. More than 5 o’clock in the afternoon, when Zhang Baogui learned that on the other side of the river a ideological work of the masses do not refuse to evacuate, he worried, regardless of other people to do the work in the rain discouraged, across the river. In the end, Zhang Baogui did the ideological work of the four people, so that they all safely transferred to the other side of the river. Looking at the river has flooded the village bridge deck, Zhang Baogui suddenly remembered, had divided the mass transfer list, like the fall of his wife and son’s name. The thought of just on the other side of the river did not see them, Zhang Baogui estimates were also most likely at home. To this end, Zhang Baogui hurried home with his wife and children and went outside. However, when a family of three back to the river, the flood has destroyed the bridge, they were trapped! In the rain, one family had to transfer to the security zone along the ridge, eventually, Zhang Baogui and his wife and children on the hill below a tree stopped. The sky was black, the vast night, a family of three to the whole in the flood Kuangxiao stood under a tree for 11 hours, until the morning of the second day was found rescued! "Not afraid to be false, when there is a flood, the hillside is also the risk of debris flow at any time." Zhang Baogui said that he was most regret, is to forget to inform people to transfer their family. That night, Zhang Baogui a family of three hands have been tightly pulled together, said the death will die together! To organize the masses to report the disaster after the flood rescue he tramp over mountains and through ravines, standing in the rubble, looking at oneself these years of effort into a mess, Zhang Baogui cried. He was going to put this in the rest of life, become a kind of poor old ditch, who knows a flood and let the whole village back to the starting point. "God I don’t have much time left, one day each month to do! We do not build the house, the first village construction!" Zhang Baogui words, immediately got his wife’s response. Secretary, you just do.相关的主题文章: