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ONE Championship Manila station China young Binzhan "KO Xie spree" – Sports Sohu   (November 3, 2016, Manila) Asia’s largest sports media company ONE announced that the championship will return to Manila Asia Shopping Center Stadium on December 2nd, for the audience to bring world-class MMA match – ONE: World order. In the main event, ONE world heavyweight champion Brandon? Vera (Brandon Vera) will face the undefeated Japanese player (Hideki Sekine) Sekine Xiuhui challenge. Philippines has the world’s most passionate Fighting Championship ONE audience, specially for the game increased the bantamweight championship, ONE bantamweight world champion bibiano? Fernandes (Bibiano Fernandes) will face Rees? Mcclaren (Reece McLaren) challenge. The night of the game, from the Chinese young Xie Bin will face the "KO spree" Satya Mario?? Vera (Mario Satya Wirawan) million. Born in 1998, height 178 cm, from Tianjin K-1 club in the life of Xie Bin is a handsome boy next door, single from the outside will not contact him with an occupation MMA athletes together. Although he is only 18 years old this year, but he has received a professional wrestling training for the past 6 years and the MMA system training for 1 years. Wrestling is a skill that is essential in the entire MMA system, and a good wrestler is the master of the field on the MMA, which is also the goal and direction of future efforts. In the game, Xie Bin and America’s Casey? Suri (Casey Suire) played in three games, the referee finally lost to the opponent, it also allows Xie Bin to re-examine their own technical systems, in the MMA game, any technology short board may have let the opponent seize the opportunity. The preparations for the ONE: Xie Bin orders the world strengthen their advantages in the wrestling coach team help, at the same time made up for his lack of standing on technology. This competition Xie Bin’s opponent is Mario from Indonesia? Satya Vera? 000, Mario is a blow to players, once in ONE Game 6 seconds KO opponent, this is undoubtedly the biggest test of Xie Bin. A mature player is very good at fighting to have long attack his short, this game can also test the training effect of war Xie bin. When asked about his views on the match, Xie Bin said: "I know that his training team is very strong, but his game experience is very rich, but he is older than me, but according to my observation while he was a very active and even can be said to be reckless, will be the first time to attack the player. My coach and I have been working on a sound strategy based on his characteristics. I played the game more conservative, so it will lead to a defeat in the last game, this time I will actively attack their own characteristics to play out." At the same time, he also said that he attached great importance to the game, in the ONE championship!相关的主题文章: