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The world’s highest voltage maximum capacity of HVDC project is completed and put into operation — energy — people.com.cn newspaper Guangzhou on 30 August,     (reporter Luo Aihua) the day before, the reporter learned from the China Southern Power Grid by the network’s construction of the ultra high pressure world highest voltage level, the transmission capacity of the largest HVDC project — "Luxi back-to-back DC project unit on flexible DC ago in Luoping County of Yunnan Province officially put into operation. The project has created a number of first in the world, except in the world for the first time using the parallel operation mode of conventional and soft straight unit, soft straight unit rated capacity of 1000 MW, ± DC voltage; 350 thousand volt, voltage and capacity is currently the world’s highest level of comprehensive, independent of the rate of 100%. The first use of high-voltage large capacity VSC-HVDC, the construction unit to overcome the control, single converter power module many restrictions and many other world-class problems and coordinate the regular DC DC flexible, at the same time in the field of flexible DC to establish a set of technical specifications with intellectual property rights and standard, obtained 100 patents. According to reports, as a new kind of flexible DC transmission technology, does not need the AC side voltage support, compared with the conventional DC power control, more flexible, higher quality, smaller area, very favorable for the construction of power grid energy saving, intelligent equipment development. Luxi station light is close to 100 acres of land conservation. (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: