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Overseas Chinese "circle of friends" recorded music when the hometown of development investment "matchmaker" – Beijing News Agency Changsha on 26 September, (reporter Tang Xiaoqing Li Aiping) "investigation in Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Ltd is well prepared, but still let me be startled at, its capacity has exceeded capacity and Europe and the United states." Take a subway car is still under construction with the mobile phone, the well-known overseas Chinese, China Entrepreneur Club President Yuan Zuwen for the first time the "circle of friends". September 22nd to 26, in Hunan to visit dozens of Hunan Overseas Chinese overseas Chinese, have used the popular WeChat "circle of friends" record development of hometown. "Know a lot of friends overseas, they have the capital, technical advantages, but also want to invest in china. I collected some information about Hunan, and I went back to introduce them." An accent in the United Arab Emirates Hunan chamber of Commerce Chairman Chen Linghui said that his visit is the role of overseas Chinese to invest in Hunan "matchmaker". Shen Zuqiang, vice president of the Hunan chamber of Commerce in Thailand on the first day of the arrival in the circle of friends show the night scene and green environment in Changsha. Hunan’s rapid economic development, especially transportation facilities, urban construction planning is very perfect." Shen Zuqiang said that overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese organizations to play power, resources, to the world of Hunan. The memorial Yandi, China Federation of overseas members, the Hunan chamber of Commerce founding president Chang Qi on behalf of overseas Chinese overseas Chinese flowers. Hunan built the mausoleum of Emperor Yan as the representative of the ancestor of the Chinese nation and the protection of cultural heritage exhibition, cultural influence significantly improved." "National strength, more and more ancient cultural heritage excavation and protection, this is our most gratifying for all the children of the Yellow Emperor." Chang Qi said. From 14 countries and Hong Kong and Macao 42 Inner Mongolia overseas Chinese nationals 26 also ended the investigation in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region exchange. From the United States overseas Chinese Wang Yaxiong’s greatest feeling is the change Erdos infrastructure. "When I left, where the wind is particularly large, now the green mountains and rivers and living environment has undergone tremendous changes. In particular, the concept of renewal, vision has become wide." Wang Yaxiong said that the future will contact the United States to deepen the understanding of the relevant enterprises in Ordos, in clean energy, high-tech and other areas of cooperation, so that more people understand the ordos. "The great changes in my hometown shocked me deeply. As an overseas Chinese, I am proud of it." From Mexico Jiao Meijun said that Inner Mongolia is a large area of rare earth resources, it is also an important base of deep processing technology development, hoping to "act as a go-between" role, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Inner Mongolia and Mexico in the relevant field. (end)相关的主题文章: