Cotton by-product prices will fall in the rational

Cotton by-product prices will fall in the end of the rational exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! At present, domestic cotton Deputy old basic sales, since the new season product is not listed, most areas of price is relatively stable, but with the new cotton market in succession, cotton plant boot, new annual cotton by-products supply continues to increase, the market outlook is expected to price will appear rational drop. The double before stocking end oil meal sales into the off-season, the price advantage of cottonseed oil, and cottonseed meal, such as cotton linter cotton by-products in similar products significantly weakened, downstream buyers into the market cautious, late once a large number of listed products, the overall market is likely to open the downside. Because Xinjiang freight increases, increased the cost of Xinjiang cottonseed, at present Shandong area Xinjiang seed price 1.62-1.64 yuan catty, while local cottonseed supply is still less, the price also will increase, the price of both individual manufacturers have not much difference between, only the purchase, but most manufacturers are still on the sidelines, waiting for a large number of listed cottonseed prices down until after a large number of purchase, originally with the new season is coming, the by-product of cotton shipments sluggish, prices weakening without some support efforts of cottonseed, the actual market rarely traded, later gradually increased with the amount listed, Xinjiang cottonseed prices or slowly into the downward trend. The bulk oil disk high shock finishing oil spot market will remain strong in tight supply and demand situation, to improve cottonseed oil prices adjustment, which is currently Shandong individual manufacturers offer washing cottonseed oil up to 6400 yuan tons, actually the domestic cotton market of each link is still deadlocked state, oil market is particularly cautious, manufacturers tentative improved the cotton price, with the gradual increase of domestic cotton supply, increase the supply of its holdings after the cotton price momentum will also be weakened, holding goods manufacturers may want to stimulate the market, but the actual turnover is very few, not much fluctuation. Late although the external short-term market is still strong momentum, but considering the current oil price advantage relative to the three cotton and entered the new crop, cotton and oil price increments or escape the fate, only oil refinery operation rate was restored before the goods less support down space is limited. Recently, even the main meal to pierce the 3000 pressure line, by the good atmosphere affect the domestic price of beans, meal market quite confident, at present Xiajin area mainstream factory price range of 42% cottonseed protein in 3050-3150 million tons, yesterday raised 50 yuan per ton, 46% yuan for protein 3200-3250 tons, yesterday raised 30 yuan per ton, the mainstream price of cottonseed meal in Xinjiang 42% protein $2500 tons, 46% tons of protein price in the 2900 yuan, the overall temporary stability. Cottonseed meal as feed protein due to lack of long-term price advantage, with the gradual increase of the new cotton market supply, the long-term trend is still feeding cottonseed meal late or weak run, only by the cost of raw materials and supporting oil refinery operation processing volume limit, or striking one snag after another down process. Although the recent increase in the amount of cottonseed market, but the market supply is still insufficient, the market is still dominated by the old cotton shell, cotton相关的主题文章:

Lightning wolf told LPL money can not buy a dream ca1835

Lightning wolf told LPL: money is to buy a dream of a CGWR score of 8.8 novice card booking | hero alliance zone [source] author: Sina watch gaming in the network era of impetuous, not get results in this era, we have what dream?. Because of him, we have been moving forward. Lightning as a wolf, only get the score team in the hands of SKT, their strength is no doubt. Before the upcoming IEM Oakland race, the lightning wolf received an exclusive interview. In an interview with wild Karsa and road Maple asked why choose to stay in the lightning wolf, they watch people. "Feel to another division will not enter into a competitive team, would like to compare purely for money; in contrast, I hope I have the opportunity to challenge the world series every year." Compared with the money, I value the dream, so do not give up every chance to achieve a dream. I think that’s what they meant. We are back to the concept of LPL, has become a real gold master. Absorb foreign division of the "Star" blindly, I do not know Han aid is holding what attitude to our LPL, want to take the championship is true or false, the game is really hard, we have no way of knowing. We dare not say that Han is not good, we can not say that we are not good LPL, because anyway, there are always people think you are nonsense. So I don’t talk about who is right and who is wrong, who is good and who is not good, but I know this kind of mentality and spirit like lightning wolves, is worthy of praise. And we in China, we LPL never lacked such a juvenile. Willing to fight for the dream dream, willing to pay, because they are young, don’t understand so curved around, do not know what is called "fishing gold", so they can devote to the dream, they intentnesses their enthusiasm, hard work. But no one is willing to look at them, no one is willing to help them grow. I The students surpass the teacher. Yangtze River, bring forth the new through the old truth just understand, and not to do. Why do you have to put yourself into the gold master feeding outsiders, we are worse than others where? We always use other things used in others, with new people, we are still holding the old man, others in the new tactics, we are still learning the old routine. Often complex, we always fall on people to blame. We say that the flowers of the motherland, so that a group of young people have dreams is gaming flowers, they need to plant cultivation, fertilization and not at the moment still plays the main role of gold to other sites have. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: