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Insurance This kind of cover is designed to give a monthly or yearly in.e to help if one or both wife and husband die and they require in.e to provide for dependents. Two things control the cost and these are chosen at the quotation stage and should be altered depending on your situation. The first is the term this is how long the policy will pay out for if you need to claim. A term of 15 years will give in.e for that length of time. However if you died at year 5 the family in.e benefit policy will only pay out for the next five years on a 10 year term. Cover at the best price at a time when you need it most For eg you have a new born child. You could say that cover would be required for 20 years. You might set the term for the family in.e benefit policy for 18 years. You die 10 years in and the policy would only pay out for 8 years. However after the 8 year period the need for in.e ceases as the child is now able to earn in.e by themselves. The other variable is the sum assured. Unlike a term insurance quote that pays out a fixed sum the sum assured will be set at the yearly in.e required. The family should already have or take out adequate insurance to pay off mortgages and loans therefore the in.e required can exclude these .mitments. Family in.e benefit amount should be set to the amount the family will need with one partners in.e gone. The best feature of family in.e benefit over term insurance is that amounts insured and in.e cannot alter. Unlike term insurance where a lump sum would be invested to provide in.e and therefore the in.e is variable and depends on performance of the investment. Another problem with using a lump sum to provide in.e is that in general people are scared by investing and many will waste the amount of the claim as the urge to use the sum assured and to buy cars or holidays can be to hard to stop. In brief family in.e benefit can form a very important part of life insurance and protection planning. Used with level and decreasing life insurance policies to protect debts. It also other forms of illness and in.e protection covers. Your best advice and solution is to speak to a insurance adviser to help protect your family. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: